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Online Grading System Using PHP/MySQLi


This Grading System is a web-based system that it’s main goal is to allow Professor/Teachers to manage class grades and access the list of students in a school. The student can easily view their grades online through their ID number. With this, they will be able to identify what subjects they excelled or failed. Students will no longer visit the registrar’s office to submit and request for grades because this system will provide the grades and records accurately. This also calculates the final grades of every student at the end of the semester.

These are the following features of the system.

Admin Side
figure 1

  • Manage Students
  • Manage Subjects
  • Manage Grade Levels
  • Manage Faculty
  • Manage Departments
  • Manage Rooms
  • Manage Class
  • Manage Student Grades
  • Manage Schedule
  • Manage Users

Student Side
figure 2

  • View Student Records
  • View Profile


Access the admin using the following accounts
Username : admin
Password :admin
Download and install the following:
XAMPP Latest Version
For more information about the system. You can contact me @
Email – [email protected]
Mobile No. – 09305235027 – TNT
Or feel free to comment below.

Note: Due to the size or complexity of this submission, the author has submitted it as a .zip file to shorten your download time. After downloading it, you will need a program like Winzip to decompress it.

Virus note: All files are scanned once-a-day by for viruses, but new viruses come out every day, so no prevention program can catch 100% of them.


1. Re-scan downloaded files using your personal virus checker before using it.
2. NEVER, EVER run compiled files (.exe's, .ocx's, .dll's etc.)--only run source code.


Submitted byjoelandon Tue, 10/22/2019 - 23:43

Hi sir, Eto po yung error. paanu po ito masolve?

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function mysql_connect() in C:\xampp\htdocs\OnlineGradingSystem\includes\database.php:26 Stack trace: #0 C:\xampp\htdocs\OnlineGradingSystem\includes\database.php(20): Database->open_connection() #1 C:\xampp\htdocs\OnlineGradingSystem\includes\database.php(135): Database->__construct() #2 C:\xampp\htdocs\OnlineGradingSystem\includes\member.php(8): require_once('C:\\xampp\\htdocs...') #3 C:\xampp\htdocs\OnlineGradingSystem\includes\initialize.php(26): require_once('C:\\xampp\\htdocs...') #4 C:\xampp\htdocs\OnlineGradingSystem\index.php(2): require_once('C:\\xampp\\htdocs...') #5 {main} thrown in C:\xampp\htdocs\OnlineGradingSystem\includes\database.php on line 26

Hi, Janno I hope you will be fine, I have a question regarding your code I following your concept. I'm writing the way you write the code. " I not talking about this Project ".

I'm facing some problem if you can help me so I am very thankful to you. I develop my website on Localhost following exactly the same concept the way you are writing the code. its works fine there. When I run this website on live server Its showing me this Error... Please, I am very thankful to you if you help me.

Here is the Error Please let me know what is the solution for the live server...It works fine on localhost The Error showing me on the live server.

Warning: require_once(/storage/ssd2/068/11332068/public_html/morofyinternational/include/config.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /storage/ssd2/068/11332068/public_html/include/initialize.php on line 9

Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required '/storage/ssd2/068/11332068/public_html/morofyinternational/include/config.php' (include_path='.:/usr/share/pear:/usr/share/php') in /storage/ssd2/068/11332068/public_html/include/initialize.php on line 9

Submitted bykalugana alex (not verified)on Mon, 12/09/2019 - 22:27

In reply to by joeland

Open the path given the error
Change MySQL to msqli
It worked fine for me

Submitted bydavid nthua (not verified)on Sat, 11/09/2019 - 18:37

hii janobe kindly details for admin are refusing

Submitted byGeorge Plang (not verified)on Tue, 12/17/2019 - 14:49

Good afternoon, I've been trying to access the admin but the username and password given are not functional and it always states that the username and password are not registered, I also tried to access the admin using the other accounts that are already registered in the data base, yet all of those administrator accounts are also not registered as stated by the site, hope you can help me as this is so important for my project. Thank you, and also i would like to thank you for creating this system as it is suitable for the project that i am in right now, god bless you

Submitted byAlec Php (not verified)on Sat, 01/25/2020 - 12:54

Can someone show me the list of table created in the MYSQLI. From the main database


to the sub-databases of it. Thank you so much!

Submitted byAnonymous (not verified)on Sat, 01/25/2020 - 18:39

Warning: require_once(C:/xampp/htdocs\OnlineGradingSystem\includes\config.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in C:\xampp\htdocs\onlinegradingsystem1\includes\initialize.php on line 21

Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required 'C:/xampp/htdocs\OnlineGradingSystem\includes\config.php' (include_path='C:\xampp\php\PEAR') in C:\xampp\htdocs\onlinegradingsystem1\includes\initialize.php on line 21

Submitted byergetekal (not verified)on Sat, 05/02/2020 - 19:56

Warning: require_once(C:/xampp/htdocs\OnlineGradingSystem\includes\config.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in C:\xampp\htdocs\onlin1\includes\initialize.php on line 21

Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required 'C:/xampp/htdocs\OnlineGradingSystem\includes\config.php' (include_path='\xampp\php\PEAR') in C:\xampp\htdocs\onlin1\includes\initialize.php on line 21

Submitted byAlexf2020 (not verified)on Sun, 06/14/2020 - 08:19

For all of those having issues setting this up:
1. Download & Install XAMPP
2. Download source code
3. Copy source code to your htdocs in XAMPP
4. Rename from Onlinegradingsystem1 to onlinegradingsystem
5. log on to phpmyadmin and create a table called dbgrading
6. Open your file explorer, navigate to the following directory htdocs/includes/ and open a file called config.php
7. Edit your username and password under the database constants
8. Go back to PHPMyAdmin and create your username and password(same one you created in your config.php
9. Once done then navigate back to the same folder and open database.php.
10. Convert all MySQL commands to MySQLi
11. Once done, save all your files, you should be granted access to student page and admin page.
12. username is [email protected] // password is 123.
13. Enjoy & best of Luck

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