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This is the latest school management system source codes. Also known as school ERP available for all type of schools. will work on Phone, Laptop, Tabs, monitors - any screen size. It is available with 100% source code in PHP and MySql. It have features as listed below:

• White Label - With your name in Footer as well as Header
• Admin, Student, Staff and Parent Panels (4 types)
• School setup
• School details, logo, website, header etc
• Add single student - no limit
• Add bulk students - Multiple students in one click - no limit
• Student Information tab
• Add teacher - no limit
• Add parents and link with student
• Add class - no limit
• Add Sections for each class - no limit
• Add subjects
• Add class routine - class time table
• Attendance system
• Add exams - no limit
• Grade system
• Manage marks
• Report Card - Tabulation report
• Accounting
• Student fees invoice
• Payment status
• Expense management
• Library
• Study Material
• Transportation
• Hostel management - Dormitory management
• Notice board with calendar integration
• Messages
• SMS settings – cell phone messaging integration
• Multiple language support
Many More
Call any of those who are using our software
+2348161662924(Nigeria-Ijebu Ode), +254739433263 (Kenya), +2348168698412(Nigeria-Lagos), +2348056988409(Nigeria-Abuja), few to mentioned!

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1. Re-scan downloaded files using your personal virus checker before using it.
2. NEVER, EVER run compiled files (.exe's, .ocx's, .dll's etc.)--only run source code.


this project does not have admin code

I tried uploading different logo but the original one still remains, also does any of you have the complete source code? Can you send it to my email [email protected]? Thanks a lot!


Please let me know the password for ronald (admin) username

like the rest I spent time and the code does not work.

how to run this code

nice one good ui


Will you please send me the complete code?

Do want to purchase the full school management software?

hope to find this helpful

Please send software demo and price for the software on winningindia at

Please i need to get the complete system, kindly forward the demo so i can see and afterward we talk about the price... thanks

i want this software but how can i edit based on my requirment means i cant get html file to edit it

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