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Collapse these simple sourcecode enables you View the hidden content of a link without refreshing or loading the page. just link the bootstrap.css and bootstrap.js file and just copy the code. This is a simple but useful sourcecode hope you may like this thank you.

Form validator

Hi Guys this Form validator does not allow empty filed like textboxes, combo box, text Area, radio button this sourcecode is very helpful and easy to use just link the bootstrap.css and bootstrap.js and copy the html code and it’s done no more javascript to add thank you..

Testing File System Object in Vbscript

'The code is as shown below Dim WshShell choice=InputBox("Filename","Type File Name") If choice="" Then Wscript.Quit End If choice2=InputBox("Foldername", "Type Folder Name to be created") If choice2="" Then Wscript.Quit End If foldername="C:\"& choice2 filename=foldername&"\" & choice & ".txt" Set WshShl=WScript.CreateObject("Wscript.Shell") WshShl.Run"cmd /c mkdir C:\" & choice2 Set Fso=WScript

Simple Bingo Program

This is a bingo program written in Rapid-Q programming language(VB6-like program) that draws numbers randomly. Along with the code(ebingo.bas), I included the RQ compiler & IDE (Observe the size and you will be amazed :) This is my free and portable/lightweight alternative to VB6). * Unzip the file. * Open ebingo.bas using RQDevStudio. * Compile and Run. Output may vary based on your screen