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The system will cover Sweat N’ Shape Gym customer’s personal information, including what item they bought inside the gym, what time they arrived and the time they went out. The system analyst will use a separate data base on every transaction of the customer at the gym, it is also use to input, edit, update and print all records of the customer anytime the owner need a hard copy of the customer’s records. The proposed system allows two users the Administrator and the Cashier. In order to access to the system, it needs a username and password for security. The Administrator can control all the data inside the system and all its entities, while the cashier has limited access in the system and has access only in terms of financial transaction of the business like regular sales. The Administrator can view, edit and print all customers’ records from the system’s database.
The system provides weekly report and monthly report of sales and other transaction of the gym. It can also record which month is the peak or the least, so that the owner will have an overview if she needs to adjust, improve or add other services in her gym.

Add, edit, update delete record

with Documentation

VB.Net and MS Access

Reporting Service

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Could you do a tutorial for this system. This is a good system for my thesis.

I sent my email address to you. Hope to discuss this with you asap.

This is a good program. And thank you for replying to my email and teach me about this.
:-) :-) :-)

hi! can you also teach me how to do this system? thank you so much :)

nice system..
hi can u also teach me about this system and i have a questions that need answers..thanks :)

i love the project.
can u send me the full source-code at [email protected]
thank you

Hello. I download your code but it's incomplete.
Could u send me at [email protected]
I'm learning and your systems looks great.
Thank you

hi this is the best project i got this project but its incomplete could u please send me the complete source code to my mail [email protected]

I am trying to make a software. so that I think of to split my works. I had designed it fully. The work is just to work in VB and .net with these design. If you are interested, please contact me with our [email protected]

i'm doing project for my college ,,please can you send full code to me??
[email protected]

I love this project can you send me the full code ? [email protected]
Thank you .. !

can i have the username & password??


sir i am in final year btech and i submitted a gym management software in my project. i downloaded this project but now i am not able to run this project. can you please email me a complete source code.
i will be very thankfull to you ....
please help me sir..

hey can u send me the full code....pliz

please send me a complete source code
i needed
[email protected]

hi.. thanks for this system. it will help me a lot on my thesis.. can you send me the full source code and documentation thanks :) [email protected]

hi, great system. it does help a lot on my project idea..kindly please send me the complete source code and documentation. thank you. [email protected]

can you teach me and send the complete code and documentation for my thesis please..thank you..
[email protected]

Hello , hhh you i think you best Programming
< Canyou send Code source >
E-mail : [email protected]
E-mail : [email protected]

pede po ba mahingi ung full documentation?? eto po email [email protected], il leave a message pag nasend po tnx in advance :)

Hello can you please send me the whole source code this will help me for my thesis thank you :) [email protected]

Hi? please am doing the gym system for my final year project could you please send me the full code will really appreciate

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