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Android - Tower Escape Endless

In the game the player will start at the ground floor of the tower. In order to climb the tower the player must jump from one floor to another using the three buttons, left, right and up. You can change the player direction while you are jumping. Once the player has landed on the floor and the score is greater than 80 points the floor will start to fall at a certain time. As the game goes, the

Terror Smash Game (Android)

Terror Smash is a simple game in which the player attacks the terrorists through tapping the screen. Meanwhile, if you tap the civilians, a life will be deducted. Don't forget to hit like on our facebook page: Please visit and download our published android games at:

Can K.O. Demo

This game is created in Unity Game Engine. Can K.O. is a simple game all you need to do is to hit all the cans on the shelf by swiping the ball. The goal of this game is to knock as many cans as you can using only few balls. If you want to play the whole game you can download it here. Don't forget to hit like on our facebook page: Please visit and download

Upturn Task Reminder app

Time management techniques say that it's better to keep track of tasks using a reminder system rather than your memory. Owing to intensive agenda, working person may have dozens of works and others tasks that should be done and it is normal that even people with much trained memory cannot remember everything. This is a critical problem which caused difficulty to people for alerts on important