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Android Image Flipping in 3D View Tutorial

In my first tutorial entitled “Android Image Fading Animation” , I discussed about how to fade in and fade out an image. Now I will introduce some sort of flipping with a 3 Dimensional View in an Image. As you can see, there are 7 buttons that I created namely b1, b2, b3, b4, b5, b6, b7 and one ImageView as your Image. The design in the designer should be like the image below. Name your layout as

Android Text To Speech Application Tutorial - Part 2

In my previous example with my first tutorial, I came up with the image of fading in and out. Now, in this tutorial I will introduce to all of you the power of Basic4Android that convert the text to become a speech. Before we begin with the code you must need to have three buttons for speech, clear, and exit, and the other one is the EditText(Textbox). You must design your layout like this: Then

Android Image Fading Animation Tutorial - Part 1

In this tutorial we will use the designer to create the layout. The layout includes an ImageView and Buttons. The user needs to have five buttons for FadeIn, FadeOut, FadeOutIn, FadeInOut, InfinityFade. The user presses on the button to interact with the Image. I name my 5 buttons as b1, b2, b3, b4, b5, correspondingly. When the user presses the button b1, the ImageView will fade in automatically

Bantas Programming Language Editor

BantasPLed is a Bantas Programming Language Editor coded in Rapid-Q programming language. The editor is very simple and very basic to run your BantasPL programs. You can study the code and improve it according to your taste :) For now, only the source code of the editor is available. I still have many things to do for its interpreter. So expect some bugs. But don't worry you can still play with it

Excel Payroll template

This is an Excel Payroll template. Is demonstrates how to calculate payroll for any number of employees and to make the appropriate deductions. It works in Excel 2003 and above. It demonstrates to the learner how to use the built-in functions and do calculations across different pages. You can learn a lot from studying the formulas and customize this spreadsheet for your payroll. Here are a few

Replace .php extension to .htm/.html extension

Do you wish to execute your php script using .htm / .html file extension? Then this code will help you. By simply using .htacces file, your php script will execute using .htm and .html file extension. Please follow the steps below. 1. Create a file index.php, and copy the below script. Change .php extension to .htm/.html 2. Create a file .htaccess, and copy the below script. AddType application/x

How to make a simple footer in HTML/CSS

Introduction: This tutorial will be a code sample of a footer in CSS. Steps of Creation: Step 1: First we need a HTML file to contain our footer. I have created one with a couple of divs and a link to my theme.css CSS file. Visit us at Step 2: Now lets set the default settings for our html file in our theme.css. *{ margin: 0px; padding: 0px; color: #fff; } body{

HTML/CSS Content and Side Pane Design Layout

Introduction: Hello and welcome to my tutorial on how to create a basic website layout in which you have a wide content section for the page content and a thiner side content pane for widgets. Steps of Creation: Step 1: First we need to create the basic HTML file and the CSS file: HTML File: Note: We don't have anything to put in to our css file yet but I have called mine theme.css and it is in

Creating Image Gallery with HTML and CSS

Images gallery for web pages can be created with plain HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Easiest one is with HTML but that's not good if we want to add new images. Image Gallery with HTML and CSS is quite easy and we can add new images to the gallery with ease. It looks beautiful too by using CSS. This program creates the thumbnails and displays the enlarged image when a mouse is moved over a thumbnail