Wikipedia Clone Using HTML, CSS and JavaScript with Source Code


Welcome to the Wikipedia Clone, a testament to the synergy between HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in recreating one of the internet's most iconic platforms. This project not only mimics the appearance but also replicates the core functionality of Wikipedia, providing users with a familiar and intuitive interface for exploring vast realms of information. Through seamless integration with the Wikipedia API, users can effortlessly search for articles, navigate through search results, and delve into the wealth of knowledge curated by the global community.

Built upon the pillars of HTML for structure, CSS for styling, and JavaScript for dynamic behavior, this clone demonstrates the power of modern web development techniques in creating engaging and interactive experiences. Whether you're seeking to learn about historical events, scientific discoveries, or cultural phenomena, the Wikipedia Clone stands as a testament to the endless possibilities of web technology in facilitating access to information and fostering digital exploration.

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  1. Search Functionality: Users can enter search queries into the provided input field to retrieve Wikipedia articles related to their search terms.
  2. Dynamic Results Display: Search results are dynamically fetched from the Wikipedia API and displayed in real-time without the need for page reloads.
  3. Dark Theme Support: Users have the option to toggle between a light and dark theme to suit their preferences, enhancing accessibility and user comfort.
  4. Clickable Result Links: Each search result includes clickable links to the corresponding Wikipedia article, enabling users to explore articles directly from the search results.

Technologies Used:

  1. HTML (Hypertext Markup Language): Provides the structure and content of the web page, defining elements such as input fields, buttons, and containers.
  2. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets): Controls the presentation and styling of the web page, including layout, colors, typography, and responsiveness.
  3. JavaScript: Enables interactivity and dynamic behavior on the web page, facilitating functionalities such as fetching data from APIs, handling user input, and updating the DOM (Document Object Model) accordingly.
  4. Wikipedia API: Utilized to retrieve search results and article information from the Wikipedia database, enabling seamless integration of Wikipedia content into the clone.

How to Use:

  1. Search: Enter a search term or query into the provided input field.
  2. Submit: Click the "Search" button or press Enter to initiate the search.
  3. View Results: Search results will be displayed below the search bar, showcasing relevant Wikipedia articles.
  4. Navigate: Click on the title or URL of any search result to navigate to the corresponding Wikipedia article.
  5. Toggle Theme: Click the "Light" or "Dark" button located at the top right corner to switch between light and dark themes, adjusting the appearance of the clone to your preference.

Sample Screenshots of the Project:

Landing Page

Dark Theme

Sample Search

How to Run?

  • Download the provided source code zip file.
  • Extract the downloaded zip file.
  • Open the html file and you are now ready to go!

Video Demonstration for Installation/Setup:


In conclusion, the Wikipedia Clone serves as both a tribute to the groundbreaking work of Wikipedia and a showcase of the capabilities inherent in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Through its faithful replication of Wikipedia's functionality and its user-friendly interface, this project underscores the accessibility and versatility of web development tools in bringing the vast expanse of human knowledge to users worldwide. As technology continues to evolve, projects like the Wikipedia Clone highlight the enduring relevance of web development fundamentals and inspire further innovation in the quest to make information accessible to all.

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