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Video Playback from within an iOS 6 iPhone Application

This presents an overview of the MPMoviePlayerController class on how to play a movie within an iOS 6 iPhone application. The sole purpose of the MPMoviePlayerController is to play video content. It is initialized with the URL of the media to be played (either a path to a local movie file on the device or the URL of network based media). The movie player view is added as a subview of the current view, configured using a variety of properties and then displayed to the user.

iOS 6 iPhone Camera Application

The application user interface for this example will consist of an image view and a toolbar containing two buttons. When touched by the user, the first button will display the camera to the user and allow a photograph to be taken which will subsequently be displayed in the image view. The second button will provide access to the camera roll where the user may select an existing photo image.