How to Create Installation File

I received a lot of question through email and comments system so I decided to include this in my FAQ section.

If you are familiar with the language you are using most probably you already know the built in packages. In Visual Basic 6.0 there is an add-in that you can use to create an installer. This can be found under the Add-ins menu >> Add-In Manager then loading the Package and Deployment Wizard.

Package and Deployment Wizard Is Not Enough

Package and Deployment Wizard can create installation file but sometimes you will encounter a lot of dependency problem especially if you are using a third party components in your VB project. If you have seen some of my installer I’m using InstallShield to create my installation file.

InstallShield can do almost anything when it comes to installation. They are the leader in this matter. But the problem with this software is they are too expensive. If you don’t have enough budget on this software try to search for an alternative.

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