Best thesis titles and systems for Information Technology student

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hello there!

I am an IT graduate and I am willing to help those Information Technology and Computer Science students who have a problem to think their thesis titles..

If you are an IT programmer or IT related please give a suggestions or a title for their thesis..

Please post your suggestions or titles here.

List of Thesis Title for IT Student


hi. .im Ivan Dan Galeon, BSIT student in saint joseph institute of technology. im now thinking in advance for my thesis tile, may i ask your help to provide me a thesis title using PHP and VB language with database. . thanks in advance :)

Did you ever find anything?

[email protected]

..try an online reservation ex. event planner,ticket reservation,..i have a complete program using both PHP and are sample of my program using php i dont think if it accessible for now cause i use free webhosting :)) lol :p....

Hi. . can you please help me to have a thesis title using php and vb. Please i need it. . thanks in advance. a Computer Science Student.. can someone give a good title for my thesis proposal??
please.. i need your help...hirap po kasi magisip ng best title...please i need your ideas..please..

e2 ang magandang thesis title micro controler eye glass device for the blind

Can anyone help me in my thesis.. Im a Computer Science student.. Im really having a hard time thinking about a thesis proposal.. One of my which is Biometrics Scanner using Webcam Program.. Pasok naman po sa Artificial Intelligence yun dba? Help nman po..! here's my email add.. [email protected]

..plz help us to our thesis proposal..we dont have already a title.
our school like a thesis that have a hardware..
do you have some?..
this is my e-mail [email protected] PM me...
tnx a lot....


wala pa nkagawa nyan!!!...using JAVA pde. very smooth talaga..

be careful lan bka it would be a FORM of CHEAT

what do you mean about MAI?what is the purpose of that?

i need some help for thesis title..

heres my contact pls 09398022202

what is there mechanics in that system???????

panu nmn to????

hi gudafternoon..plz help us to our thesis proposal..we dont have already a title.
our school like a thesis that have a hardware..
do you have some?..
this is my cp # 09125209373..

Information System

Please help me on how to create my Thesis,..

Hi, everyone!

I'm also a BSIT student, i need something unique title for thesis this semester. With regards to ID System, i want that to have program but the problem is my knowledge is not enough to complete my title context. An ID system that can use to buy within some exclusive company only. Who among you could suggest any idea about it. Especially to scope and limitation of this system. Pls help....
You may send your email: [email protected] or Text me at 09394898726


hi guys can you suggest some tilte, need namin either knowledge base, expert system or A.I.
di naman na-explain wat are those. can you help me?


mobile tong-its proposal ng kaschoolmate q haha..gudluck sa gagawa

Can you give a software using that information sytem that you posting.... can i have it .... thanks!!!!
here's my email add [email protected]

hi there! can anybody help me with my thesis proposal?I am 3rd year IT student. any ideas and suggestion will do. it would really means a lot to me. pls contact me on my facebook [email protected] or email me at [email protected]


can someone give me an idea about my thesis? I am a BTIT student and i need a topic proposal for my thesis related with hardware interfacing. to those who want to help me please add me on my YM or facebook, [email protected]. thanks!

plz contact me poh for the hardware and software thesis tenx a lot

can you help with me our thesis? i already have a title.. but i''m kinda clueless on some things that is connected with it.. here's my digits... 09166925148.. contact me asap.. i really need your help badly..

add me at facebook. [email protected], i think i need your help

please add me on my facebook or YM, [email protected]. i need help in my thesis related with hardware interfacing thesis. thanks!

plz help me poh to do something unique in thesis proposal combine ng hardware and software

Hi, i need a thesis title for our Human Resource Information System topic. Well, the company that we chose is a forwarder company, but we want this system not just to be used by forwarder companies but other companies as well. thank you.


[email protected]

please contact me.:)

i need help about the title of our thesis,it's about enrollment system,can u give me a best title?tnx!

Hello Im Mark an BSIT student, i need your help if whatt is the best title thesis, either software or hardware,,just send your idea at my facebook account = [email protected],,im looking for your immediate response, tnx ...


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