Best thesis titles and systems for Information Technology student

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hello there!

I am an IT graduate and I am willing to help those Information Technology and Computer Science students who have a problem to think their thesis titles..

If you are an IT programmer or IT related please give a suggestions or a title for their thesis..

Please post your suggestions or titles here.

List of Thesis Title for IT Student


Sir can you help me about r title in our thesis? about police records system

pwede pong pahelp kailangan ko kc ng title sa thesis ko . ASAP po.

Pa help naman po , Im a 2nd yr student and im currently taking BSIT, may case study po ako about OOP , (UML design) kelangan ko ng suggestion for my proposal. It's about computerize system po. Kelangan po is unique what i mean is yung Something new. Thanks po sa makkatulong saken :) godbless

patulong naman oh, meron na akong title pero parang di pa ako sigurado kung papano simulan ang thesis ko. eto yung title ko: 3D Rendering and Interaction in an Augmented Reality Mobile System, Help naman po. salamat

how about client-server based payroll system with biometric device..,


employee profile

=>> <<==

Hi. Pwede patulong? Need ko lang thesis title. Related with security. Or kahit iba. Basta unique. Uncommon / useful. Thanks. kindly pm me. Thanks in advance. 09066101595.

Hellow! i'm 2nd year student. and i'm IT Student. please help me. Give me a simple Title with explanation! thank you!

Pls help us to suggest a capstone title. It students po kami. Salamat po ng madami..

Hi im a i.t student can anybody help me what is the best thesis title need q lng po 3title of thesis
this is my account in fb if your willing to help me jonica liza [email protected] thanks:-)

hello I am graduating IT student and I need your help to give me the best thesis/capstone project right now.. need na talaga . malapit na ksi ang deadline... thanks ..

09092760279 please help me find a thesis title.. im having a hard time .. please

please contact me.. wala po akong ma isip na title :( please contact me for ur help.. 09092760279 I.T po ako

Hi guys, I need help for our Thesis title, Umm most probably for Android App. I'm a 4th year student (IT) and we're having a hard time as to what our project title should be. please guys, any suggestions?

Hello there
Im 2nd year IT student. my professor ask me to make a baby thesis ... pls help me ... i need 3 more topics. TNX.

ano po ba ang magandang pang mobile student info.? kasi po puro rejections nalang ang natatanggap namen from my instructor e, di po namen alam ng team ko kung anong magandang system ang pwedeng i propose kasi ayaw na po ng instructor namin ung library system or mga e-commerce, gusto nya kasi napapanahon na ,. gusto nya i-propose namin yung Mobile Application. example po yung games na app. please help us po. :/

nahihirapan na po kasi kame maghanap ng system na existing na, nagsasawa na daw po kasi sila sa puro e-commerce, library management and library monitoring system etc. gusto kasi nila ung unique na system na hindi ganun kasikat sa thesis.. nag propose po kami entitled " RFID Navigation System for the Visually Impaired" kaya lang po rejected din kasi masyadong magastos at pang engineering , more on technical terms po kasi and dalawang system po ang kelangan naming gawin .. :/ HELP US PO SIR .! :'/

Hi, If you need thesis programmer you can call me up. Just contact me at my mobile number: 09352887840 or email me at: [email protected]


Sir pa help naman po ng the best title ng proposal para sa thesis ko po meron na akung dalawang na aprobahan isa nalang po ang kulang please help me ..
[email protected] pa send nalang po maraming salamat po

pa help po sa abstract title proposal

hello pwde phelp s thesis title im cs student ned k poh ng 3 thesisi title or idea poh ndi kz me mkaicp ng mgndnd proposal mga boss ned k n tlga s august n poh defends koh pls txt me 09464375777 slamat daan pls help me poh

Hi po im it student can you please help me sa title ko sa thesis kasi po nahihirapan po ako kasi about caostal cia thankyou po in advance ..

.helo im a 3rd yer student....and im Info. technology..i need the best thesis..pls,help me to choose?



kailangan po namin ng 3 title please thanks. here's my number 09464995741

mga sir IT student here...ako at ang mga kagrupo ko ay nahihirapan mag isip ng thesis title na php or vb ang language..any idea kaya mga sir???salamat po ng marami

guys pwede help din nyo ako??i am an IT students major in programming, i need 5 proposal po. ano po maganda e title???

please help me to choose thesis titles or give me a thesis titile. .I am an IT student incoming 4th year college. .please help me. .just send me in my fb account [email protected].
thank you.

can i ask for thesis tittle that all about in school just tct me 09102851633 thx poh:)i just need for my capstone thesis

Sir, i need some help...
How can i insert an image in crystal report using the picture/image inserted in a form?
Please do help me. 09168889294 or vb.8.0

guyz i am an IT student ..need ko po title for my thesis ..please help me guyz..


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