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C/C++ Source Code

Free C/C++ Source Code. Download 10 latest C/C++ system's projects with source code for free here.

Sample C Questions

The Folder contains 34 C Programs including : Armstrong number between 1 to 500, Calculate Profit and Loss, Check an year for leap year, Check whether a number is odd or even, Check whether a triangle is valid or not, Compare 'Area and Perimeter' of Rectangle, Convert Decimal number into its binary equivalent, Delete an element from an array at a particular position, Display ASCII value for a

Create Pattern, Print Series, Working with Records, Use Numeric Functions, Work with arrays

The objective of this assignment is to develop a menu driven application that will enable the user to use its different features to print various series, work with records and arrays, create patterns, use number functions and exit the application. The application should provide the following options in the main menu, however this menu is further classified into another menus:- • Create Pattern •

Mathematical Operation

//Author :LearningPen //Date : 28/9/2014 //MyBolg : //Language : C++ //Tool : Dev C++ Notice: Reference According to some of his code, modified by myself,I also use a class structure. Thank you for using. MyBlog: welcome. ^-^

How to Calculate Any Day of the Week?

Author : Walter Date : September 27, 2014 Firday MyBlog : Tool : Dev C++ Language : C++ Function : Calculate any day of the week? #include #include // for floor() #include // for getch() #include // for exit() #include // for system() using std::cout; using std::cin; //======================= void Menu( void ); int main( void ) { Menu(); return 0; }// End of main

Password Security Version 2.0

Password.cpp Author : oursharingciub Date : September 26, 2014 Firday Email : [email protected] Tool : Dev C++ Language : C++ Notice: Reference Mr. Jake Rodriguez Pomperada programming #include #include #include #include //system(), Sleep( ) #include using namespace std; const int PASSLEN= 7 ; //The length of password string PassGet( void ); // Get the password void Menu( void ); //The start

Flag Waving Using C

This is a simple C program. You can run this program in c compilers. In this program, dda line algorithm is used to plot the flagpole etc. By repeating algorithm in different position of the window, it look like waving in screen. You can enjoy it. Any queries contact me. #include #include #include #include #include void dda(float x1,float y1,float x2,float y2,int z) { float dx,dy,x=x1,y=y1,m; int

How To Use Pointers In C Plus Plus (CPP) (C++)

Introduction: This tutorial is on how to use Pointers in C++. Theory: So why exactly do we need to use pointers? And what are they? If you write a simple program with two functions and a variable where one of the functions parses the variable to the second function in order for the variables value to change, it will only change in the local scope of the second function. Here is an example;