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C/C++ Source Code

Free C/C++ Source Code. Download 10 latest C/C++ system's projects with source code for free here.

Simple ATM Simulation

Hello folks this is my first post in sourcecodester, This simple application simulate with ATM Transaction developed in Dev C++. Program Features: 1 - Log In Account 2 - Withdrawal 3 - Deposit 4 - Check Balance 5 - Log Out i used some functions like masking the password with asterisk, printing features and ascii code for a more presentable ui, if you interested to enhance the project feel free to

Testing Degree of Vertices Along with Degree of Graph from Adjacency Matrix

Hello, This is a simple C source code written in gcc paltform (Ubuntu, Linux). It tests the degree of all vertices along with the degree of graph from text file of adjacency matrix. Actually This reads a text file & then checks the above condition. Hope, It will help others. Thanks.

Find Compilation Time of Any Code and Execution Time of Any Command

This is a C source code, can find Compilation Time of any source code & also Execution time of any Command, in nanosecond, microsecond, millisecond. This is written in gcc platform ( Linux, Ubuntu ). The execution time of all commands of Ubuntu can be measured & in case of compilation time of source codes, the corresponding compiler must be installed in the machine. Thanks.

Adjacency Matrix Creation Along with Degree of Vertices from a Text File

This is a simple C source code, written in gcc platform (Ubuntu, Linux). It reads data from given input .txt file & generate .dat file as output, which contains the Adjacency matrix along with degree of vertices from the given .txt file. It is for only Unweighted Graph. Note: Must change the path of the files in code. Hence, Pattern is that the first digit is the number of nodes in the graph. Next

Simple Zodiac Sign Using If - Else Statement

This is a simple zodiac sign project where the system will tell you of your zodiac sign by inputting of your birth date. This is very easy to do project. Try this yourself and learn some new codes. Hope you learn from this. This is the full source code of the system. #include using namespace std; int main() { int a = 0; int date,month; start: cout > month; cout > date; if (month == 3 && date >= 21