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Complement Graph generation of Simple Symmetric Random graph using C

This code generates a Simple symmetric random graph initially & then it also generates the complement graph of that graph. This is written in Dev-C++ platform. Let a simple symmetric random graph is denoted by G, then we say the complement graph will be denoted by G'. Consider G has three vertices (1, 2, 3) & egdes (a, b). a exists between 1 & 2, b exists between 2 & 3. No edge exists between 1 &

C Source Code to Reverse the Operation of Shift & Caps Lock

Hello. This is a simple C source code written in Turbo C platform (OS- Windows 7) which actually reverses the operation of Shift & Caps Lock. That is, if Caps Lock is ON, then all pressed key will be in Lower Case, or keeping Shift pressed, all pressed keys are in Lower case, else all are in Upper case. So, it is the reverse of normal condition.