PHP/Javascript-Responsive Awesome Chat Or Messenger

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I decided to share this simple but powerful demo project of mine just to show how powerful the combination of php and javascript can be if properly used.
If you want to use this project in any way its ok with me and all the best.
How to install this system

  1. Download the zip file
  2. Extract the the folder
  3. Copy the folder and paste it in your server folder if your using wamp paste it in www folder if your using xamp paste it htdcos folder
  4. Thats all it automatically create the database
  5. You can run the project on your browser

If you have any question regarding this project or anything find me and if you have a website that you own and you would love to know how many people visit your website per day use my web application on this address

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Hello Patrick Mvuma I have some error in my sales system in php. Can you help me?

Errorr, query failed to upload
How to setup db_connect.php tell me [email protected]

There was no source code to download

Click on the source code the folder is there to download

Send me an email so that i should give you the folder straight to your inbox

thank for your sharing us

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