Employee Record Management Information System

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Hi All,

Here is my first upload. I developed the database for the ABC name withheld. It is being used as you are reading this few lines. I have removed some modules to fit that newbie in Ms Access.

Feel free to download and edit it the way you want. DO NOT SALE IT and if you do let me have 10%. Hahahahahaha.

Username: admin
Password: admin

Username: james
Password: james

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Hi. Can you give me a screenshot of your system's information like the records of the employees? I just need it on my project.

Kindly send me a 64 bit system version. I want to believe that this application works but my pc runs on win 10 OS on a 64 bit Intel Processor. email [email protected]

does not allow to login with either of the the login ids


Shall be uploading my second project next week.

best regards,


To check the file how it works !

thanks for the frebies i uploaded audio via the admin page but when i come to the main page the music does not play.do i have to integrate media player to the files?
Please help it is urgent i have uploaded it and test all is working fine but the uploaded music from admin does not play.

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Thank u

I like your work even the unterface. more of it

clean design...thank you...

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