Hospital Management System

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This is Hospital Management System
Hospital management system is one of the best software that manages various activities in hospital that has 8 login features (account type) and support about 21 different languages in the world.
• The admin
• Doctor
• Nurse
• Patient
• Pharmacist
• Laboratories and
• Accountant
• Web-based
• Installed with wampserver
• Accounting Management
• Appointment Management
• Bed Management
• Billing & Invoicing
• Budgeting & Forecasting
• Claims Management
• Expense Tracking
• Human Resource Management
• In-Patient Management
• Inventory Management
• Out-Patient Management
• Patient Records Management
• Physician Management
• Policy Management
• Revenue Management
• Patient Check In / Check Out.
• Laboratory / Pathology Automation.
• Medicine.
• Patient Record Maintenance.
• Staff Record Maintenance.
• Doctor Consultant.
• Database of Blood Donors / Blood Group.
• Billing System.
• Report (Death and birth report)

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i need contact details to get full project code.

This page isn’t working ?? Just uploaded on server define baseurl , database but still not able to connect ??

gulshan kumar

please can you help me run these on my computer

Optimum, please help me with the working hospital management system source code.
My email: [email protected]

Kindly avail me with information regarding setting it up and ensuring that it starts running. [email protected]

Only admin panel shows other pages are showing blank page
please help [email protected]

Please Email me how i can install the it on Xampp
[email protected]

i deploy this on my system and only lab is working. please help me.

How did you make the code to work ? Because I see only blank pages.
[email protected]

i get the database error may you send to me a good working source code
coolcurrent4u at gmail dot com

i get the database error may you send to me a good working source code
[email protected]

why I can't log to doctor, nurse,....,etc?
but I can log just to admin dashboard.

plz send me the report of this project I have the source code, to [email protected]

The software is fully working . the author did delete some code lignes from admin panel i did fix them all who want a fully working version contact me [email protected]

Hi ,can you help me with full source code ,kindly send to [email protected]

please help me the full code....

A Database Error Occurred

Unable to select the specified database: hospital_hmssell

Filename: C:\wamp64\www\hms\system\database\DB_driver.php

Line Number: 140

could not locate the download link on page me

New to web technology. Using project on web server.
getting following error.

A Database Error Occurred
Unable to connect to your database server using the provided settings.
Filename: core/Loader.php
Line Number: 346

Do you have any installation guidelines that you can share?


plzz email me how to use this zip file in xampp
[email protected]

Unable to select the specified database: hospital_hmssell

Filename: C:\xampp\htdocs\hms\system\database\DB_driver.php

Line Number: 140

Plz i need help in the database side of this particular program plz

Hello, Please send me your another email id.. your email id - [email protected], is not responding..

I have a problem. After installing the script menu doctors, pharmacists, accountants itd does not appear to add to their tab. What should I do? Help me please!

Kindly mail how to make use of this code to my email [[email protected]]

The management is not working...its displaying blanc

hi i am using xampp, i have no idea how to get started on this...please help admin...

A Database Error Occurred

Unable to select the specified database: hospital_hmssell

Filename: C:\wamp64\www\hms\system\database\DB_driver.php

Line Number: 140

Which database sql did you dump? Was is the demo_db.sql or the empty_db.sql. based on the error I think u dumped the demo_db.sql, so go to the folder application/config/database.php and then change this
$db['default']['database'] = 'hospital_hmssell';
$db['default']['database'] = 'hospital_hms';

because the database name for the demo is called "hospital_hms" and the database for empty_db.sql is called "hospital_hmssell" so you're just using the wrong database name. I hope this helps.

I have also encountered the same problem. someone help pliz

The software installs fine,but most of the menus show blank pages. It's not useful. Please post only working and complete source code here


It work for me.
Thank you

What do you do? Please help, I have a blank page in index.php

Help how did you get the code to work my email [email protected]

how do you make it work ? can you please help me

Can i know your contact?

Email address,


[email protected] that is email contact

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