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Packaging Documentation System almost similar with Job Order and Archived system that i had posted before. Yet, this was complete Documentation System concerning Job Order transaction by different flexible packing machines. Each Machine Order Status has their own record set with corresponding transaction counts.

- System Expiry Date
- Tab Control button access code

Access Code : admin (to enable/disable)
"You can leave your system without closing. Just type any char.then hit enter 2times or click enable button."

Before you run the system make sure to create Trusted Location to enable functionalities.
1. Open Microsoft access
2. Option
3. Trust Center
4. Trust Center Settings
5. Trusted Location
6. at button right select Add New Location
7. Browse
8. Go to C:/ create folder
9. Select Folder

Good luck....

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your project is nice pls give the source code password i stading in the project

very useful project. can send me the project documentation.
[email protected]
thank you very much

you can download by clicking download button for this


May I ask if you would please send me your vba Code Password to [email protected].

Thanks a lot.


May I know on how to download the MS access project. I want to use this as my reference for my project. btw, i'm newbie in this forum.

nice work

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