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This is a simple Student Information program written in Visual FoxPro 6.0 This will show how to connect the form from Visual FoxPro to its built-in database ^_^

Enjoy coding @[email protected]

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idol pa help nmn po sa checkbox panu gamitin

i need source for medical laboratory if u have plz send me
email add : [email protected]

pa-send naman ng sample program nitong student information together with the databases and the report format, dito na lang sa email add [email protected] thanks po!

nu po ibang code ng fox pro?

ano po coding nyan thanks

that's not a code.. wizard form ang ginamit e!!! can you make a hard code??

sir pls. txt me 09056883397...papagawa sana ako ng student info system sayo...wait coding... txt2 nalang para sa more info...thanks

hello sir..
can you send the codes on my e-mail..
i can't see them..
are they've been hide..?
here's my e-mail [email protected]

need urgent.. tnx..

Ahn can you create a simple program that you will use a do case statement ... please Thx in advanced... !

y upload forms created by wizard??


d nman ma dawload ehhh...cnungaling ka kya..

pno maki2ta ung mga codings..
form lan kc naki2ta..


I Nid help .. i nid to make inventory system 4 MIS department could you pls help me

pede poh bang mgpost kau ng FoxPro lahat ng code original from FoxPro pati DBF, kasi ung mga ibang post naka link din naman sa VB eh..

parekoy dont use wizard better to teach them a right way...

un pong na upload na Stud Info using Foxpro eh d po ma open z wala naman po ung pjx file extensio para ma open ung project... hindi po kaya baka d masiadong na upload ung program... paki double check lang po... Tnx

To open it first open the Visual FoxPro application and then on the menu bar click File>Open then find the program.

Try nyo pong gamitin ang dbms at foxpro.
yan po yung gamit namin sa aming project!!!!!


I'm only new in Visual FoxPro programming sir and have a little knowledge hahaha

Web / System Developer
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[email protected] >>> Facebook/YM
ICCT Colleges Cainta Rizal

tnx po

tol senxa hehhehe kaka acept ko ung request mo sa .net nag oojt kasi ako mejo busy hehhe peu try ko gawin un busy lang :) ingats

Kailangan ko sna un bgo mag linggo. Pwede mag request pa hehehe. Ung at vc++ same calculator. Sa ung katulad nung picture na send ko syo. ung vc++ kahit ung typical c++ lng ung interface ok na.

Web / System Developer
Contacts :
[email protected] >>> Facebook/YM
ICCT Colleges Cainta Rizal

where i can compile this?i am new with this foxpro...foxpro is this a compiler?

Use Visual FoxPro 6.0 then open the Visual FoxPro. On the Menu Bar click File>Open then a dialog box will appear to search for the application.

Web / System Developer
Contacts :
[email protected] >>> Facebook/YM
ICCT Colleges Cainta Rizal

can you create me a program?

sir is it okay if i use foxpro 9.0 in the codes that i have been downloaded?

Download na mga dudes @[email protected]

Web / System Developer
Contacts :
[email protected] >>> Facebook/YM
ICCT Colleges Cainta Rizal

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