Export MS Access Data to MS Excel

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This piece tutorial was taken from my GPS GSM Tracking system. Shows how to Export Data from MS Access to MS Excel. great for beginners.. comments and questions ?


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Good day sir. How do we modify kung example limited lang yun ilalagay namin sa mismong excel ? Tska yun design nya? Any idea ser? Thanks


I have downloaded the program you shared, and it is very good and very useful code for me. However, could you add more about the code to showing the column header in excel sheet as well (vehicles.txt)?

Thanks a lot.

your the best

Muchas Gracias compa, tratare de entenderle

how can i Move MS Access Data to MS Access Data

like Database1, Table name =A and Database2, Table name= B

Table A All data move Table B

asme code !! it helped me very clearly !!


emond sabiniano
Project Contractor-Developer/Software Consultant

can I export images from access in the excel spreadsheet along with other data fields?

I Want the column header in excel sheet as well

thanks for the idea
it help us alot

i will export to excel the data in access for backup


emond sabiniano
Project Contractor-Developer/Software Consultant

Would you try the inverse way : vba code for loading selected data from ms-excel spreadshets into selected tables and selected tables fields in ms-access database and also updating selected data in selected tables fields in external ms-access database from current opened ms-access database

how i can connect excel into VB6?
please reply!!!

this is my email add rec [email protected]

more power!!!

Use Excel files as database in your application?
email me pls..

emond sabiniano
Project Contractor-Developer/Software Consultant

hi i would like to receive simple codes for this type of program.

i'm still a begineer in vb6 your suggestions will be highly appreciated.

[email protected]

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