Login Object Oriented Programming in C#

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This is a sample Login program using C sharp, I made this to help you guys in understanding Object Oriented Programming. This is very common program but More Secure and faster with regards to the memory usage. I hope this program will help you guys.

Thank you God Bless!

"Human Knowledge Belongs to the WORLD "BUT" WISDOM Belongs to GOD!"

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Thanx for the code . I'm new to proggraming so it wil definitely help me

I beg am a learner in Visual studio, My company wanted to employ some people and they gave some work to write programme for an employee to enter their detail and save it, But my problem now is that i heved wrote the cod using visual studio and creating data in SQL but to connect the visual studio to my data in Sql Is my problem....Please any help you can do for please send it to my mail [email protected] or [email protected].

Thank you
I would advise you to login to the application Bozorgian
Good luck

I am doing something similar to this. However, I am using MS Access DB to store my data. How do I search the database, via c# to match username and password, grant permission for the user to move to the next stage?

Hi!We are currently developing a reminder system(desktop reminder) in which the user can add event(which includes set date,time and create event description), modify, delete, view events(these are the major features of the system that we are developing). We're having a hard time coding the ADD event feature.Hope you can help us with our case study. Thank you in advance..

Sure just send me the details of the project to my email id [email protected]

i can't see u r source code sow me source cod now

i like your programs but have something to as you, can you help me to teach me with your program...
please email me your tutorials thank you [email protected]

Thank you...

by the way I'm a 2nd yr computer science student of universidad de zamboanga ..

and my task is to create a business permit application for our municipality.. can you help me get started...

i can't able to start due to lack of knowledge . ,,,
i hope you can help ..or willing to help with my system.

in need;

Sure just send me the details of the project to my email [email protected]

sir i am a 3rd year collage in AMA., can you teach me about the C# because starter in this language please sir [email protected]

Great help for the object oriented programming.
If you can send me the more information in object oriented programming in C#.net
please send it soon. Because im beginner in OOP concept.

[email protected]

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