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A must have features for internet cafe monitoring system:

  • Allow connection from multiple computer
  • Detailed information about connected computer like computer name, user code, total amount, used amount, left amount, total hour, used hour, left hour, etc.
  • Time plan
  • Member and walk-in customer
  • User's rate information
  • Automatic generation of a coupon/user code and password
  • History report
  • And best of all I did not use any 3rd party controls
  • And a lot more...

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Sir about the Server... We tried this in our school but 'the winsock is error' since that we just use two computers. Do we need to install the Server Program in the 'Server' of our whole school and the Client Program in our 'Workgroup' only? Can you solve about this matter/networking problem?

Yes of course you need to install the server program at your server computer. You can add as many workstation as you like.

Good day!

Sir can you give us the codes for Print Preview

for  the UserCode and Password only?


Please use the "internet record front.mdb" file to print a user code.

When we tried the internet record front.mdb

The problem is when clicking in the database e.g.

in Table, Form, etc. it appears Disk or Network Error.

Follow the instruction on this video tutorial on how to link the table from the database backend.

we had first tried the internet record.mdb

we will try what you've suggested thank you sir

sir gud pm, can you help me to package your server, when i try to package the server there is a errors that appeares the process cannot continue because there is a missing component can you help me to fix this problem?

You need crystal reports to compile the server. But if you don't have then unselect the crystal reports in the components dialog box.

Tanx sir, 4 ur reply i try to unselect the crystal report.


sir gud pm, what is the use of admin? when i try to click there is no form appeares.

That's my unfinish business. :P

Disregard admin section as I do not have the plan to improve it.

gud pm sir, i have problem in your ICMS when i try to add a new record in a user rate there is a error message the lblCaption that appeares it is really important to your code? then when i try to edit your user rate there is no change in the database when i try to save. can you help me to fix?

I suggest you use the ms access front end that I have included in the zip file.

i chosen data db

as pasword entering "a" but saying invalid pasword
pl send me the password


I just Download ur code it's realy nice.


But there is some Error: When we delete user they show error if you have solution or another copy please send me  send me at [email protected]




i am just wondering if you also know how to make this Internet Cafe Billing

in Java Language if you know or not please reply ...

I believe that java is very popular programming language but why would you do this in java if you can find a ready made program written in VB?

how can i change the time plan by 10 hours then the amount is 200. pls help me send ur answer to my email add [email protected].

Yes! The system is flexible for any time plan. Just open the Internet Record Front.mdb and click the forms tab and open the Time Plan.

Sir, gud pm I'm using your system. I really appreciate your effort for creating your ICMS. I have a problem in your amount in data report. when i try to display the reports there is no value the php amount. only 0.0 that will display, i think there is a problem in calculating your useamount and leftamount there is a bugs in your system. pls help me!!!!  

Are you sure you have logged in to the system and used a usercode over 1 minute?

Dear sir........

           Please,can you share me your project tutorial.

           [email protected]

can u make source code of this project in vb2005

Without changing anything on your code, when you logged into client with provided user details, upto 14.75(As default rate is 15, i.e, 59 minutes) everything is ok, when you see in report it will show 14.75 instead of 15.00 after completation of 1 hour. I think there is one minute time gap the system igonres and does not take into calculation. How to overcome this ?   Further to this, can you please tell, what is the use of the Hour field, in the Ticket/Coupon Tab. I think after choosing Time Plan Id AND putting the amount, hours should calculated automatically. Say, if i choose time plan ID 1 Hour and put amount 10, what should i put in the Hours field. Thanks for your co-operation.

I will try to fix this problem if I have time this week end. Thanks for the info.

You are welcome sir, Thanks for replying.

I'm still debugging the source code to fix the problem. I will reply to this post as soon as I fix the problem.

Thanks for replying.

Dear Sir,

I am waiting for your kind response. Please reply here when you fix the issue.



Sorry for the waiting. I'm very very busy with Hotel Update and was unable to fix the Inter Cafe Manager when I try before. I will fix it may be next week after I finish the Hotel System.

It's your kindness that your are saying sorry, where as i should say sorry for disturbing you. Please finish your project first, then you may consider. Thanks a lot for replying.


i just want to say that i need hewlp..we are doing our thesis now and our topic is about billing an inventory system...maybe you can help me..

i would appreciate your help..that would be great...

help me please..thanks!!

please response

Inventory System has all the features you need. But I do not think you can understand the complexity of the source code. This is not intended for beginners.

Hello Sir,

It is not getting all computers from network. Only one computer is showing.

How to solve it ? Thank you.

The server will just listen for connections from any workstation. If you setup the workstation correctly to connect to the server then it will automatically show the computer's name in the server program.

You are right about it, internet cafe software is a must. It usually comes in many shapes but it always keep the essential format that is meant to help us in keeping a good track of the internet activities. Thanks for sharing all the details with us!

Be sure to add http:// when you link a website.

it is good also for softsware project

Your default rate per hour is 15. What would be the corresponding change in the code and database, if i want change it to 20. Please reply

Open the "Internet Record Front.mdb" and open the form called "Time Plan". You can change the rate using that time plan.

If i change the time plan in the internet Front.mdb( In form), say 30 for 1 Hour plan, when i generates ticket coupons and enter Amount=30 and hours = 1, the hours automatically doubled when i chck the generated ticket details in User/Rates secton. Can you please help

It's a bug in the query. Kindly open the "Users Details" query in "Internet Record Front.mdb" and update the SQL to:


SELECT Users.UserCode, Users.Password, Users.Name, [Users Total].SumOfTotalAmount AS TotalAmount, Users.UsedAmount, [TotalAmount]-[UsedAmount] AS LeftAmount, [TotalAmount]/([Amount]/60) AS TotalHour, [UsedAmount]/(15/60) AS UsedHour, [TotalHour]-[UsedHour] AS LeftHour, [Time Plan].Plan, Users.TimePlanID

FROM ([Time Plan] INNER JOIN (Users INNER JOIN [Users Total] ON Users.UserCode = [Users Total].UserCode) ON [Time Plan].TimePlanID = Users.TimePlanID) INNER JOIN [Time Plan Detail] ON [Time Plan].TimePlanID = [Time Plan Detail].TimePlanID;

Thanks for reporting.


After updating the query, it updates the User Details records accordingly while generating tickets from front end, however if you check it in listview in Users/Rates, Total Hour and Hours Left, still shows double as of actual. I am really sorry for bothering you as it could not be sorted by myself. Thanks

Sorry for misunderstanding. You need to update also the query "Users Details" in "Internet Record.mdb" to the SQL statement above.

Thanks for your help. After updating the query on both the tables, Total Hour and Hours Left value reduced by 50% for the tickects which was generated before by you. However for new tickets all fields works fine expect Hours Left field shows 60  (Say for 1 Hour)  at starting and after 30 minutes it becames 0 and then reducing by -2 minutes for every minutes onwards. But in client and Online tabe in Server, both datas are correct. Anyway thanks for your great help.

I really don't want to bother your but i could sort it myself. After updating the query in Internet Front.mdb(in User Details Query), in database it update accordingly when we generates tickects from front end, however in the listview of front end, it still shows the Total Hour and Left Hour as double of the actual hour.


i want make a internet cafe billing from begin,,can you give me a tutorial..


you can send a tutorial to my email [email protected]


thank you

I appreciate your efforts !!!

thank you so much it's working


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