Enrollment System v1.0 Video Tutorial

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A simple video to help you get started working with my source code. Doesn't have an audio but will give you an eye on how to use the program.
In this video you will learn how to attach the database included in the zip file to SQL Server 2000.
The next video is a demo on how to use the Enrollment System v1.0
You may suggest on how can I make this video better.


hey i cant find any link to download this stuff (the tutorials) where on this page is it.

Thanks for everything

 pacritics naman po nitong ginawa kong simpleng grading system. para ma-Improve ko at ayusin ang dapat ayusin.
may CRUD functions po siya. MSaccess ang database niya. ODBC ang connection.

punta kayo sa thread ko sa symbianize.com


salamat po!

hahaha hindi Q mabuksan d2 sa office yan "symbianize.com" naka block eh, , , wahahahahhaha
upload mo nlang d2 s site, , , ^^para matignan nmin ok, , ,
, , , hon't expect anything just do ur best , , ,

help nman po sa online enrollment system nmin for our thesis,
kelangan ko po ng idea about how to develope this system

Upload your project here so we can help you. symbianize.com is not a forum for visual basic .net specially for your project.

can i  ask for a copy of visual basic 2008 installer please??????? and im sure ur a good person thanks and godblessss.

You can download a trial version from microsoft website.

can you help me for my problem..
i will make a system that can send and receive message but i don't know how to do this..
can you give a sample system that can send and receive messages use vb.net..

hi; Could VWD would be fine to open your this project instead of visual studio? or do I really need Visual Studio to start working on this project?


Yes you need visual studio .net.

Nice one pde makahingi ng isang sample ng program?? ^_~,




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