Object Oriented Compution Using Function

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This sample program is a calculation Using Recursion I created a Function in a class
Hope this sample code will help you guys uisng Object Oriented Programming
to calculate the given numbers.
Pleas don't Spread the Virus code of VB6 to .Net "Sorry" for the VB6 Coder in .Net
I just want you guys to appriciate what is .net and OOP means ^_^ and it is very useful to us.I just want to help ^_^
God Bless
Love your work ^_^

Thank you Guys!

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am new to vb.net.its my first experience in programing.i am writing an application(a personal challenge) for a cinema.the application collects the number of total ticket and it has two different price lists for morning and evening show.morning price list has for adult,child and senior.the same too with evening price list.how can i structure my program to calculate the total price base on the number of ticket bought and if it is either morning or evening show..please i would like my answers sent to my [email protected]

thats sexy amazing

Thanks And Regards

Thank you for Appreciating my Projects ^_^


I understand now how to use recursion, i read some books and site tutorial to gain more knowledge in coding and analyzing problems.
Thank you for all the members in this site that uploading their sample programs , it is big referenced in the future..

im new here and i want to ask your help ,regarding salesmonitoring & inventory system.. pls... im hoping that somebody could help me thx.

Sure just add me [email protected] so we can talk about your problem ^_^


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