MultiFace Recognition and Identification System

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MultiFace Recognition and Identification System - a desktop application software designed for face recognition and Identification, which developed under the used of free and open source tools..

-capable of saving and retrieving recognize face in file(folder).
-supports multiple face recognition.

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not able to debug at all please help me

biplab d hacker

can you send me this complete source code??
[email protected]

Sir,i need the compare the two face both are the same or not using c# ur are provide the source code than can help me

this is a very good syatem bt how do i add a face into the trainer

I couldn't download this code please help me.
i need this code. how i learn to implementation face recognition?
please help me. thanks

hello, iam very happy with your code and it will be very useful for my project, could u please help me in storing the captured images into database and compare the images from the database. please please please help me. thank you waiting for your reply.

who you help me regarding for my thesis? I just want to enable and disable wifi connection using c# code. Is it posible???

I just want to ask that is it possible or practically feasible to implement face recognition using parabola edge map in C#???
Please Help me....

the "start debugging" button is in inactive mode after loading the project to visual studio 2010....any help will be appreciated.

I am interested with this topic is there anyone who can help me?

Hai this is free usefull souce code about face detection. i don't know where i can learn about face detection. can you give me step by step tutorial please??? can i create this face detection system using [email protected]

Thank ALot From Your Sources,
See You Soon,


You can refer here... this my tutorial
Face Detection Using Emgu CV tutorial

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