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Simple CRM Call Logs (WPF, C#, MVVM, Databinding, Code First Entity Framework)

This a running WPF app... To run the program... Step 0: install EntityFramework in the nuget package manager Step 1: * Delete all the migration files (e.g 201809271109154_InitialDatabase.cs) under the Migrations Folder that is also under the CRM.DataAccess Library Project Step 2: * Change the [Data Source] value of the connection string in to name of your local server instance in SQL Server in the


H.K.M.S SUPREME TYRES --------------------- Goals: --------- * Brand Master * Size Master * User Master * Customer Master * Purchase Form * Order Form * Bill Form Software is as follows: ------------------------------ * Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 * Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 * Crystal Reports 2011 * MS Office 2007 If you want some another help, Join me on (

Email Directory System C# and Sql

Basic Email Directory System using C#.Net and Sql Server Features: Send Email Add Contacts EditContacts Delete Contacts Search Contacts Add Image Note! Please Add System.Web.Helpers in your referenced you can found it on Assemblies Extensions. and also add your connection string to app.config file. I use my very own Sql Library ICrud you can found it on GitHub

Download Manager

This program with source code allows you to download any files from the internet. It display the download speed, file size, downloaded bytes, remaining bytes, and the total file size of the file. It also display the progress of the downloaded file with the number of percentage done.

Enrollment and Billing System in C#

This is a project entitled Enrollment and Billing System written in C# and SQL Server Management Studio R2 2008 database for Christian Kiddie Care. The system has the following features: Transactions Add Student Add Teacher Enroll Billing Statement of Account Maintenance School year Grade level Section Tuition fee Room Time schedule View Enrolls About us Reports Student list Log trail Audit trail

Thermal POS Printer

This project demonstrates how to print to thermal receipt printer with a sample WPF POS application. No database is required. Just Setup your business information, enter dummy data into the POS and print to a printer or to pdf. Follow Source Code Updates on GitHub