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Free C# Source Code. Download 10 latest C# system's projects with source code for free here.

C# - Student & Lecture Test Application (Using Database)

This application was developed by Gopolang Kopano Mathole using visual studio 2013.. Features: - Databases (files as fallback) - Flat UI designs & material designs. - Easy to navigate app. - Login/Register pages (both read and writes to a file). - Backend classes. - Secure files stream, and all exceptions handled. - Save tests and keep students class records (including marks). Functionality: - The

Wajeeha Website Manager (WMM)

Wajeeha Site Manager Demo. Wajeeha Site (or Website) Manager is a software that helps you to manage websites you loved. It is the kind of replica of bookmarks in web browsers. But!! Due to Hardware, Software, System or some other circumstances failure, you might lose the websites you loved. This software helps you to manage your websites and allow you to retrieve them when required. It sends the

RetailStar Lite Point of Sale Software Using C#, SQLite/PostgreSQL

Easy to Install & intuitive user interface Works right out of the box with minimal configuration Quick Sale Mode, Sell to Existing Customer or Add New Customer on the Fly. Cash Drawer Management: Know the exact amount that should be in the Cash drawer at any Time! Use any Standard Barcode Scanner. Staff Management and access control levels Product Management Extensive Inventory Management and