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Top 10 Web Hosting

Finding a good web hosting company today is not a joke. This happens to me last January when my web hosting company complains about the increase of traffic to my website.

I was totally lost in finding a good web hosting that time. Until I decided to choose hostgator. But today I just stumble at one website that can really help you in finding a good web hosting company that has an unbiased review. Because this reviews are come from the people who used the service.

Be sure to choose a web host that can cater your needs in the future. You do not know that your traffic will increase drastically just like mine and to avoid downtime in your website.

A website is an important tool a computer programmer must have. It was discuss in my previous post. Having a website is more advantageous compare to those who use a free (mostly using a subdomain) web hosting that shared the same domain like

It could be a plus factor to you when you present a project proposal to your customer if you have your own website. How can a computer programmer, especially a web designer, propose a project (web based) without even having one website? Think about it.

If you are ready to start now, be sure to read review first before you choose your own web hosting.


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