Sub Seven Trojan Horse

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I have created a trojan horse before that looks like a sub seven trojan horse. I did it just for fun. I am wondering if I will share it here. I need your opinion before I upload the source code.

This is for educational purpose only and I am not liable for any damages that this program will cause in your system.

The trojan is a kind of tools use for hacking other computer. Of course I did not use this to penetrate other system.

After you run the server program it will simply reside on your computer and will not do anything until the client program connects and send commands like restarting a computer. It can also open/close cd-rom, open application, log keystroke, delete files, etc. in a remote computer.

I don't know if this can help you or just complicate the situation.

My purpose here is to teach you on how to code and do not have an intention to create a malicious software like this. This is an informational only on how to code a client/server architecture.

Here's the screenshot.

Your comments or suggestions is highly appreciated.

Update: You can access the source code at Trojan - Subseven Alike.


Please send me the source code
[email protected]

please send source code
to:[email protected]

does the admin really answer your questions

can you please contact with me i need to get ant trojan program like webcam hack .. contact with me [email protected]

send me the code [email protected]

hi i need virus programs pls,,
send me [email protected]

programs must be aborted. by me..if i need to stop the program working...please send me aborted virus my mail... [email protected]

Please send me the source code [email protected]

please send source code to me, i will enhance and upload back using delphi

[email protected]

Hello and tired of not ...

I'm Farshad Farzami

Please help if I do the s

I want you ready a trojan that it could automatically log on to their computers and they do it right. Because these programs do not always difficult and I can not control their computers from afar I

The program must write and send to my email

Thank you very much

my E-mail : [email protected]

Please send me the source code/ aplicati8on for this virus [email protected]

Hey this is Dhananjay from INDIA. Will you please send me ur source come I will send you my Software. my id is [email protected]

I am new to VB programming i am using VB 2008 can you refer me to any sites or books that can help me learn it? thanks in advance

plz send me ur software & source code at
[email protected]

please i realy want to learn to make it in python programing that i know though i know python 50 percent i can help me mess UP WITH THA ANTIVIRUS WORLD

Please send me a source code ?

[email protected] !!!!

send me sorce code of this trojan
Email: [email protected]

plz send me [email protected]

i'm a bca 1st yr student....i'm damn interested in hacking and creating virus but in a good way...i've seen many trojans ruinin my comp and i would really love to know in depth as to how it works and its code too.......pls guide me as a teacher...just mail me at [email protected] ....................wil surely get back to u..

code also with me!

what is trojan ? i don't know

trojan is a virus Chutiye

i want it for educational background only

plss send it to my email:[email protected]

the issue is with VB is that it requires the VB runtimes to execute the application so any other choice please?

alert('xss by chaster')

sir im henry i am a computer science student interested in making some virus can you help me understand the behavior of that trojan ...

thank you sir ..

hope you would share me your code to study that language...


email me @ [email protected]
or [email protected]

Dude U know that when a person opens the application it asks you to allow iternet connection to that program(your firewall does this) and it is most probably that an antivirus can easily detect this kind of stuff.

If u made it in vb(2008 +)

Then use: an ftp server to upload and download strings. This works for me but I dont share my stuff. Try it and U will see that it works everywhere! even on school.. undetectable and its not asking for anything. Good luck.

so im having trouble getting into my own account i forgot the password because this isnt my primary email address
uhm instead of in [email protected] cab you please contact me on [email protected]???

my boyfriend is telling me lies and it feels like its becoming a bit of a cruel game that hes playing on me but i keep trying to tell myself that he isnt lying when he says he loves me but then he turns around and says other things that are not so nice....i know that the right thing for me to do is to break it but its hard because hes the first person i ever let myself love...its hard trusting in people you know?
i suspect he made a new facebook and is using it to talk to another girl but i cant see anything because its all set to private all i see is the name i figured if i could just see it i would be able to walk away from it all
facebook has gotten crazy good at catching hacks so i figured id try his email
i figured the least invasive way to do it is using a trojan keylogger because that way i wouldnt have to change his password on hotmail i would just be able to retrieve it since reseting his password might make problems for him later in accessing his email...i dont want to do anything to hurt anyone i just want to see the truth im at the last points of desparation and obviously if i was sane i would just give up

can you help me??? i dont even need all of the other capabilities or anything cuz im not trying to be malicious i just want to know the truth,even if maybe its just getting that one password?
email me if you can help [email protected]
i cant sleep since i been worrying about this stuff, some peace would be nice thats all im after

how to make the server send back the ip adresse to the client..?

take cmd prompt and type "netstat -n" this helps to detect the ip address that have been established ..this is the if u wanna be a good hacker or cracker u should'n use short cuts u should use shorter short cuts..........ruck

GUD DAY! were BSIT student who assigned to create a system specifically enrollment system. we would like to ask help from you regarding on how to connect our program to ms Access using MY SQL connection.
Your immediate response is highly appreciatable.. .thank you...
just email me: [email protected]

I was wondering if the client had a trojan on it because when i try to put it in my computer my anti virus says its a trojan back door plz help

sourcecode ,,, c++ , vb or ???


Hi I want to know about this how it can affect to other computer and databases through back door.I don't have any purpose to harm other actually I am a student of Engg. 4th yr.
Plz send me ur s/w and details about and how to code
my id is [email protected]
and [email protected]

plz send me ur software at
[email protected]


i have a question i would like to ask . I have the subseven trojan ...i dont intend to do anything stupid. I wonna know if i could use the tool to upload a backdoor to a database.

if yes, please do let me know..

my email is
[email protected]

Hi! It's greate project! But ...
Are you can migrate this project from VB to VB.NET?

If you need help with this work (migration) I can help you

You can start migrating it and I will help you as you go...

i tested not execute correct never conexion

sow download link

source code -> mail me : [email protected]

wow.. i really like this post.. the commetns are great too thanks!!!!

No Prescription Needed

pls mail me this project...


[email protected]

I updated the content above. Download the code on the link.

hmm. . do really hav the source code? the screen-shot look like the sub-seven for me

Look at the quick links to download the source code.

This makes me wonder if I should be downloading and executing your OCX controls so blithely.

Don't worry the program is safe. The source code is there for you to check. This program is a trojan and will not do anything unless the client program sends a command.

I'm saying that it makes me wonder if your ~other~ programs are safe (like the ocx's with the inventory application). They probably are, but it creates a cloud of suspicion. Something to think about...


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