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I am very thankful to monier_michel for modifying the Logo for this website. He is a professional designer using Photoshop.

I wish I could ask him again in the future if I need some more modification. 


send password of database?

hi i just wanna ask a source code for dynamic scheduling class/teacher timetable.
pls pls pls. [email protected]

hi i just want to ask.. how to call microsoft access database in vb 6.0 without using ADODC

can u make a AI chess game using VB6.0?

He did a good job...nice logo..


Web Design Company

I was always interested whether it is possible to learn working with photoshop on my own. I am actually one of such enthusiasts, have read several ebooks already (e.g. ) but still lag behind... Perhaps, there's something I miss... Need your help!

Contact monier_michel for this. Be sure to login to your account to open his contact form.

It's always a pleasure for me to make some graphics that help! I'm a great fan of design and user interface! Don't hesitate to ask me if you need some modification!

hi i just wanna ask if  u have a sample drawing of the java logo and duke(java mascot)?


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