International Space Apps Challenge 2013 Announced by NASA

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The National Aeronautics and Space Administration is asking once again for people to join its "mass collaboration" effort to produce open-source solutions that address global needs applicable to both life on Earth and life in Space.

The International Space Challenge 2012 registration is now open while the day of the "codeathon" will be held this coming April 19-21, 2013.

During last year's event, the International Space Apps Challenge took place in 25 cities worldwide where participants were organized to harnessed the skills, imagination and talents of anybody who was prepared to get involved and work in a team for a 2-day period.

Based upon the 2012 records, there are 2,000 people participated producing 101 open source solutions to problems set by NASA and its partner organizations.

The 2013 events location were already announced earlier getting the list grown into 75 cities in 41 countries worldwide. Another addition to the physical location is the Virtual Participation in which participants can connect online to find a team that needs specific skills.

Here's the International Space Apps Challenge 2013 Categories:
1. Software
2. Hardware
3. Citizen Science
4. Data Visualization

Here's some Sample Problems from Software Categories.
1. Create an application that mirrors changes to NASA's github presence.
2. Expand the online presence for NASA GIRLS program to mobile or tablet platforms
3. Create a poultry management system for backyard farmers.
4. Develop a game to virtually build a lunar industry through a series of "bootstrapping" stages until it becomes self-sustaining.

NASA announced that in order to join the program, you have to create an account and register for the event of your choice through the Official Space Apps 2013 Challenge website.

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