Fashionable USB Flash drive: V1 Attaché and the Bubble Attaché

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USB Flash drive: V1 Attaché and the Bubble Attaché USB Flash Drives

Students having a computer for researches and writing papers needs to save their work. With the advent of the new age of technologies man created new inventions to make work easier.

The handy and useful device for storing that was invented is called the “USB flashdrive.” It is useful in transporting data. Downloaded files, including music, pictures and videos and documents, from the computer can be stored in a flash drive. Depending on the capacity of the flash drive, it can hold large amount of data.

But in a recent news report, the new USB Flashdrive was unveils by the PNY Technologies (PNY). They introduced to the world the new USB Flash drive called as the “ V1 Attaché and the Bubble Attaché USB Flash Drives.”

Both this drives offers easily transfer files and store the digital data. The new innovative flash drives are designed with ahigh-end design and speedy performance, this uber-stylish and the cute drive is portable enough to carry all your media files and is the perfect replacement for large and bulky SSD drives.

The V1 attaché is a portable, smart and efficient USB flash Drive. Due to its light weighted size 8.96g only. While the Bubble attaché is a creative and cute animation design which provides enough storage and offers a convenient way to back up, store, transfer or carry any files anywhere ones go.

The Bubble attaché has both in 2.0 the standard USB Drive and also for those who requires 3.0 for faster devices.

Both the attaché comes with up to 64GB of storage memory; the drive is perfect for storing all your work, homework assignments, entertainment or media files at lightning speed, both are compatible with Windows 2000/XP/Vista. Windows 7,8 Mac OS; 10.3 and above operating systems, it promises an assured warranty of 5 years from the date of purchase.

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