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Harvard Comes Up With 'Octobot'

Science and Technology has continued to seize for the best inventions it can bring to humanity. Gadgets in the present times aren't just ordinary tools for entertainment and communication. They have come with the best features, the terrifying components, and the interesting applications. Aside from gadget inventions, robot inventions have heat up the surface too. Through the advancements, human-like robots have come into possibilities. There were already several robots invented that can work like humans. Some of those robots can do household chores while others can carry human being which could be utilized for emergency purposes. There is also one robot that almost carries the features of a human being. The robots mentioned above were those lined with wires and covered with plastic or metals. They carry the usual robot component - the hard structure. Have you ever thought if there is a robot that is soft? Well, there is one now. A recent news report in Inquirer stated about the latest invention of the researchers from Harvard University. They named it "Octobot". Based on a report, Octobot is a soft robot that is octopus-themed. The researchers have come up with Octobot through the aid of fluid chemistry and a microfluid logic circuit. The processes used in this soft robot are soft lithography, molding and 3D printing. Thank you so much for reading this blog. Feel free to visit our site more often for more informative updates that is surely worth your time. For questions or comments, you can drop down your words below. God bless!

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