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Harvard Comes Up With 'Octobot'

Science and Technology has continued to seize for the best inventions it can bring to humanity. Gadgets in the present times aren't just ordinary tools for entertainment and communication. They have come with the best features, the terrifying components, and the interesting applications. Aside from gadget inventions, robot inventions have heat up the surface too. Through the advancements, human-like robots have come into possibilities.

Teaching Kids Programming With A Toy Robot

We all love computer programming for one common reason that it opens up a new world of possibilities in front of you. To make a difference in this field, you don’t even have to leave your computer screen. However what was your age when you started learning about computer programming for the first time? For Vikas Gupta, who has come up with the idea of a toy robot that will teach children of the age 4 and 5 computer programming, the journey of programming started at the age of fourteen years?