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Teaching Kids Programming With A Toy Robot

We all love computer programming for one common reason that it opens up a new world of possibilities in front of you. To make a difference in this field, you don’t even have to leave your computer screen. However what was your age when you started learning about computer programming for the first time? For Vikas Gupta, who has come up with the idea of a toy robot that will teach children of the age 4 and 5 computer programming, the journey of programming started at the age of fourteen years? He recalls that time and remembers how difficult it was for him to grasp the idea of programming and remember the syntax. Researches from MIT and other reputed institutes have proved that children have the ability to learn programming in a better way than grownups. It simply means that if you start teaching your kids computer programming languages at a small age, they will turn up to be genius in this field. For this purpose, Vikas Gupta who left his job as head of consumer payment division at Google has come up with a robot called Play-i. This robot is designed to be a toy for kids to whom they will register different commands and it will produce appropriate results. The company is running a crowd funding campaign as well which will help them raise at least $250,000 so they can build their first two models. Studies have also proved that if you take the syntax and long string of codes away from programming, it can become really interesting thing to play with. Small children will not be able to understand those long strings of codes and that is why Play-i gives them a visual platform to play with codes and give commands to the computer. What are your thoughts about this startup and what do you think about its future?

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