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Pokemon Go Releases New Feature: Indicator Of Nearby Pokemon Is Finally On Screen

Pokemon Go is one of the most trending games which marked the history. It has definitely brought the different nations the craze as they are looking for Pokemon characters on their screens. The scene of the real world makes the game even more engaging. Though many are really hooked into the game, still something lies behind it just like every other game - it needs some modifications to perform better so users will continue to engage to the mobile game phenomenon. In the case of Pokemon Go, one thing that Pokemon Go fanatics have encountered is the difficulty to identify the area of the Pokemons which are just around the corner. Searching for Pokemon characters is a bit hard in that case. To respond to this, an Inquirer report stated the new feature that the mobile game has added - the 'Nearby Pokemon' feature. Through this new feature, the gamer will know the nearest place where he can catch some Pokemons. Together with the aid of another feature, the Sightings, the kind of Pokemon will also be identified. Aside from the 'Nearby Pokemon' feature, there are also other modifications or updates in the iOS and Android. Thank you so much for reading this article. Feel free to drop down your suggestions, comments, or questions below and visit our blog more often for more informative updates on technology.

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