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Pokemon Go

Niantic Poses Lifetime Ban For Cheaters Of Pokemon Go

Despite the Pokemon Go craze that goes around several countries already reached by the phenomenal game, still there are those nations that have no access yet. In the point of fact, there were already lots of news reports that prove the phenomenal game. Almost every user who tries it would definitely get hooked to it. This could be one reason that could trigger more and more curiosity to arise to those who have no access to the game yet. Third party software are already plebeian in some of the past software that have also became a trend at some point in time.

First Pokemon Job In The Philippines: Singaporean Firm Hires

Pokemon Go craze has indeed come a long way. It started out as just a Pokemon Go and later on evolved to a gaming phenomenon across countries. First launched in United States, Australia, and New Zealand, many other races aspired for its launching in their place - undeniably even Filipinos waited long for it in the Philippines. The game's home base was in Japan and United Kingdom. With the Pokemon Go phenomenon going stronger and stronger, it reached Philippines, Singapore, and other nations in the Southeast Asia.