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Hi to all,

First, thank you for coming here. I just want to clarify about the issue which was posted by some programmer (if they are really programmer) who allegedly accusing me (not really going to court) of using the code of other programmer.

One message posted at http://www.sourcecodester.com/tutorials/visual-basic/inventory-system-video-tutorial.html#comment-846 telling that the code was made by Philip Naparan. I have already answered that question and again I received another comment from planetsourcecode, may be from the same person again who outrageously wrote this message.

I went to that website and saw all of the author's creations and claiming it was his original work. He is not telling the truth... Most of his work came from the coder from Davao named Philip Naparan. Mr. Pabuaya, my message is clear, try not to take something from another programmer then tell everybody that its your own. I sent a message addressed to him in his site "www.sourcecodester.com" but the administrator (Mr. Pabuaya) excluded that message for all the members to see. Hope Mr. Pabuaya tell the truth. GOD bless.

Source: http://www.planet-source-code.com/vb/scripts/ShowCode.asp?lngWId=1&txtCodeId=71424&txtForceRefresh=41420090382498346

This guy is a Filipino who possess a crab mentality. My answer was very clear and I did not hide his/her comments from my visitors here. And I am not claiming that all of the works are mine. In fact I have written some article to leverage from other programmers who give their source code for free like Philip Naparan.

Some of the code written by Naparan can be found under the module section. These include the following computer program:

  1. Hotel Reservation System (VB 6.0 version)
  2. Billing System
  3. POS and Inventory System

All other source code are mine and don’t have the code of Naparan. In fact, some of the code like Internet Café Manager possess some of the code taken from the newsgroup. This is a free source code and no especial rules that govern from modifying or using this. All of the code here whether my own or by other programmers are free to download and modify without any written permission from the author, like me.

If you would like to clarify something on behalf of sourcecodester.com please don't hesitate to contact me at the contact menu above.

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