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One of the common questions I received from newbie’s is on how to set a certain form to be the Startup Form. Undoubtedly, this is a very simple question but if you are a beginner trying to learn Visual Basic you will find it very difficult to find what you are looking for because of so many options to choose from. Visual Basic is considerably one of the famous programming languages to date and its features evolve overtime, not to mention that it was a product by Microsoft. Now let’s head on… On our previous topic “How to Add Windows Forms” I discuss on how to add a windows form. If you follow patiently on my tutorial you will have now two forms in your Project file called “Library System”. First, “Form1” which is the default form added when you create the Project. Second, “frmbooks” which we added on our previous tutorial. Change The Startup Form to frmbooks

  1. Double click My Project at the Solution Explorer. My Project
  2. Select frmBooks under Application Tab >> Startup form. Startup Form

Press F5 from your keyboard and you’ll see that frmBooks form is now the startup form. Back to Visual Basic .NET 2008 Tutorial.


kindly Tell me . how to creat a Student managment System Software in Visual Studio .net . my college give me a project and plz you can help me on this .

Thanks Dawood

i want to know how the correct coding may i use bcoz i only use this coding...

da.Update(ds, " ")

but that come out the syntax error if i run the system..
may someone help me...pleasee...!!!!!
i really have to settle this prblm to my project final...

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