How to Add Windows Forms

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Before we begin binding our database using Windows Form please take a look on this tutorial on how to add new windows forms to your project. Windows Forms serves as a container for all the controls that you’d like to add. Examples are TextBox, Label, Button, CheckBox, ComboBox, etc. When you create a new project, visual studio automatically provides you one windows forms which you can use right away, run it, or compile or project but without anything in it. It just a plain form waiting to be filled with controls. To add a Windows Form

  • In Solution Explorer, right-click your project, point to Add, and then click Windows Form.


  • Click Project Menu, click Add Windows Form. Add Windows Forms
  • Type the name of the form. This is the filename when you open it in windows explorer. Windows Form name

If you notice, I have a prefix for Books form. Microsoft advice that you must use a proper naming convention for every control. In this case Forms has always a prefix of “frm” Our next topic is on How to Select Startup Form Back to Visual Basic .NET 2008 Tutorial.


download thank you !

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