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Cafe Point of Sale in C# Free Source Code

This is a Point of Sale System Project for a Cafe. It is a software-based application that helps to manage the sale transaction of Cafe businesses. The application calculates the total amount to pay the customer and prints a simple receipt after payment succeeds. About the Cafe Point of Sale System This project was developed using C# and MS SQL SERVER for the Database. The project requires the

Waist to Hip Ratio Calculator

This application calculates your waist to hip ratio and gives you the results to two decimal places. It also gives you the results accurate for your sex. It groups the results into three categories of excellent, average, or poor, depending on the value and then gives corresponding health advice. Increasingly doctors see waist to hip ratio as a more accurate measurement of health/fitness than the

How to Display Data in Windows Forms

In order to display data in windows forms all you need to do is drag Items from the Data Sources. For more information, see How to Add New Data Source.

Before you drag the Items (i.e. table name) make sure that you select the display type and type of control that you’d like to appear in the Windows Forms.

To do this expand the Item name and the arrow down to select the display type and type of control which you would like to appear.

Display type

How to Add Windows Forms

Before we begin binding our database using Windows Form please take a look on this tutorial on how to add new windows forms to your project.

Windows Forms serves as a container for all the controls that you’d like to add. Examples are TextBox, Label, Button, CheckBox, ComboBox, etc.

When you create a new project, visual studio automatically provides you one windows forms which you can use right away, run it, or compile or project but without anything in it. It just a plain form waiting to be filled with controls.

To add a Windows Form

How to Create a Windows Application Project

In order to create an application in Visual Basic .NET like Payroll System, Accounting System, Enrollment System, Calculator, Point of Sale System, and Library System you need to create a project called “Windows Application”.

If you are new to programming and want to learn Visual Basic, you will probably confuse with so many option to choose in starting a Visual Basic Editor.

Please look at the screen below.