Bubble Sort Version 1.0

Hi Everyone this is my first time to submit and create a bubble sort program using C language. It's kinda challenging one for me at first but I was able to figure it how it works. Bubble sort algorithm works by comparing adjacent values to another. After it compares it swaps the adjacent values after it determines which values is higher from one another. Bubble sort is one of the simpliest form of

Inventory System v1.0.75

This is an advance Inventory System that I've made before. It has a lot of features that you can use in your own program. Features of this program are as follows: Purchase order are put on hold prior to final posting. Purchase/Sales order return. The system automatically detect if all items in purchase order has been delivered. Items in listview turns red if all items has been delivered. Items

Digital Clock Version 1.0

This is my first time I wrote an application in Java that I called it Digital Clock it uses swing as its graphical user interface and many build-in libraries in Java for time, calendar and date functions. This code is quiet simple yet in contains many functionalities that make this application robust and efficient. I also include a code that will determine whether the time is AM or PM. Feel free

Address Book Entries Version 1.0

Hi there this is my first time to post a code in Java that Im using multi dimensional array as its data structure. I wrote again this code for a programming assignment of a student who as my help over the Internet. In this example it will display the name, telephone number and address of the user. I called this example a simple address book in Java. I intended this code for beginners in Java

Prime Number Solver Version 1.0

About this code that I wrote prime number solver program its main purpose is to compute and display prime numbers from the given value of the user. Prime number is a number that is only divisible by itself no other another but itself only. For example 7, 11,13,17 and 31 are examples of prime numbers. I also include a function that enables the user to run the program again by asking the user do you

Reverse a Number Version 1.0

This code that I wrote is a reverse a number program the purpose of this code is that when a user enter a series of number it will display in reverse order. I also include a function that enables the user to run the program again by asking the user do you want to continue y/n. Im using the library function in java scanner util to convert lowercase character into uppercase character. It show's how

Pageant Contest

This is a 2000 version of MS Access program I’ve made during our pageant contest – Intramurals. This is useful if you want to make the counting of result faster. Every report is computerize and ready to be printed right after the final rating of judges. The form has an input box for judges. This is where you specify the number of judges judging for a contest. This is important to compute the final

Highest Value Determiner Version 1.0

Hello there this code I wrote and developed in one of a kind because it will determine which number given by the user is the highest in terms of value. The code using array and conditional statements like if statement for comparison of values. You can get some ideas how to create a code the is intelligent enough to determine the highest numeric value given by the user. If you find this code useful