How to Debug Visual Studio .NET Project in 64 Bit OS

This tutorial will explain on:

How to Debug Visual Basic .NET and Visual C# project in 64 bit Operating System.

If you are running 32 Bit operating system before and were intrigued to install 64 bit OS to improved performance of your computer, then maybe you are having problems debugging your Visual Studio .NET source code.

I am once having this issue which stops me from debugging all of my VB.NET 2008 source code after I installed Windows 7 64 bit.

How to Select Startup Form

One of the common questions I received from newbie’s is on how to set a certain form to be the Startup Form.

Undoubtedly, this is a very simple question but if you are a beginner trying to learn Visual Basic you will find it very difficult to find what you are looking for because of so many options to choose from. Visual Basic is considerably one of the famous programming languages to date and its features evolve overtime, not to mention that it was a product by Microsoft.

Now let’s head on… Migrated To VPS from Shared Hosting

We are currently FINISHED moving our files to a new server for upgrading our web hosting plan . On November 9, 2010 this website was temporarily disabled by our web hosting because it consumes a lot of CPU due to increase in website traffic. Though the transfer cost me five times the price of previous plan, I did not regret because it’s worth the upgrade. Additionally, I manage to setup and run

How to Add Windows Forms

Before we begin binding our database using Windows Form please take a look on this tutorial on how to add new windows forms to your project.

Windows Forms serves as a container for all the controls that you’d like to add. Examples are TextBox, Label, Button, CheckBox, ComboBox, etc.

When you create a new project, visual studio automatically provides you one windows forms which you can use right away, run it, or compile or project but without anything in it. It just a plain form waiting to be filled with controls.

To add a Windows Form

Library Management System

Credits to admin the one who create the Library System and Library Management System in Ms Access that is posted on this site for giving the guides in creating the LMS... This system is created to replace the manual lending, returning and inventory of books. features.. * 2 user account administrator, able to use all system function while user, only for searching books.. *advance search function

NC IV Exams (Confused)

I have red an about this exam. It compose of 2 exams, one is OOP and one is Procedural. Then while browsing the web, I open this page which says that the exam is only one. Kindly look to this page I really don't know how this exam works and which one is real. I mean the part 1 and 2 exams or the one which is on the

.NET Language Translator using Google Translate API

This is a sample app written in .NET on how to use the Google Translate API. Can be ported to your existing App or even use as a Client Google Translator (Windows version) Feature: Support all functions of Google Ajax Language API. CLS compatible. It can be used by any .NET languages (VB.NET, C++/CLI etc.) Google Translate API for .NET Description: Provides a simple, unofficial, .NET Framework API