Import Excel Data to MSSQL Sever 2005 with ASP.NET

Some time we got stuck in some situation in which we have to import large amount of data into the database but it can be cumbersome task if it is entered from a web form. This type of problem can be solved by importing excel data into MS-SQL Sever database. Let me explain the thing one by one

Exception Handling

What is an Exception?


“When an unusual, irregular, abnormal or nonstandard condition arises in a sequence of code at run time this phenomenon is referred as Exception handling

An exception is a runtime error.

In Object Oriented, an exception is an object that is used to describes an exceptional condition that has occurred in a piece of code.

Open Cash Drawer(POS)

Sample Script how to open a electronic Cash Drawer without any dll. Just connect through Epson TM series Receipt Printer. Great for developing Point of Sale. Hope ypu like it. For custom Softwares/ design Projects for Engineering Students Mobile +639155338048 Blog Site> Facebook Fan Page Skype

Skins and themes in ASP.NET

Sometimes we have to design those pages which have different color schemes but it is very difficult to maintain these types of pages. We can overcome from this situation by using skins and themes. This makes these things easier. 1). First create a Master Page having the following components. * One Content Placeholder 2).Create another page (default.aspx) and select the Master Page

Converting domain names to IP addresses


In ASP.NET, we can easily convert the Domain names to its related IP address like if a website like has a domain name i.e, It has also a corresponding Internet Protocol Address like this can be easily done in ASP.NET using C# Steps for doing this: 1). First we have to include the namespace for this class Using;



In java programming language, an interface is an abstract, conceptual or concrete type that is used to specify an interface.

How to use an interface:

  • By using the key word interface, we can fully abstract a class interface from its implementation.

It means that, using interface, we can specify what a class must do, but not how it does it.