How to Start Making Money by Programming?

Programming is the most powerful skill at the moment in the digital field. There is a lot of potential in programming, and you can easily land a job if you are a creative programmer. If you are already a master at programming and wondering how to start making money with this skill, there are a lot of jobs welcoming you. How to Make Money as a Programmer? Making money by programming involves three

Simple Note Application in JavaScript Free Source Code

Simple Note Application in JavaScript Free Source Code - A simple application that only purpose is to take note some important events. You can enter any event you want to noted such as daily activities, task, etc. This simple project purposely provide some educational reference to those who want to be a programmer. JavaScript Free Source Code.

Stock Tracking System in Microsoft Access Free Download

This simple project is entitled STOCK TRACKING SYSTEM. The simple software-based application was developed using Microsoft Access. This system is very helpful for tracking daily transactions to handle the stock in and stock out process. It has a simple user interface and user-friendly features and functionalities. The application consists of the following features/functionalities: Transaction form