Configuring MySQL Database Connection using PHP OOP Approach Tutorial


In this tutorial, we will tackle about Configuring MySQL Database using PHP Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) Approach. This topic can be helpful to those new to PHP Language especially the beginners to learn how to create a MySQL Database Connection using PHP OOP. This tutorial can be also helpful for learning to develop web applications using MVC (Model-View-Controller) whereas the Model and controllers are commonly structured or written using OOP.

Advance Shopping Cart using PHP Free Source Code

Introduction This is an Advance Shopping Cart Application source code developed in PHP Language. The main purpose of this shopping cart application is to provide the students or those programmers who are new to PHP with a reference to understand and have an Idea of how to develop an advanced shopping cart for their eCommerce or Online Shops/Store projects. With this, you will learn one of the

Return PHP Array as JSON Data in jQuery Ajax Request Tutorial

In this tutorial, we will tackle about How to Return PHP Array as JSON Data in Ajax Request. Here, I will show you a way on achieving this goal for your current or future project. I will also provide snippets for this tutorial and a sample source code that demonstrates the idea of this tutorial.

What is Array?

Array is a data structure that contains a collection of elements store at contiguous memory location. Each element of an Array is identified by at least one array index or key.

Web-Based Student Clearance System in PHP Free Source Code

Web-based Student Clearance System is an online clearance system for managing student clearance in universities. This application can be accessed by multiple user roles. It helps the certain university to store and retrieve the student's clearance records easily. It has a pleasant user interface and consists of user-friendly features and functionalities. About the Student Clearance System The

Canteen Management System Project Source Code in PHP Free Download

A canteen management system in PHP is basically a software application for managing the catering aspects of a business. It has several modules such as order management, food category, food details, reports, and many more. A canteen management system provides centralized information on all data related to the billing operation. The information is accessed at one single point in time which makes it