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Poisson Distribution in Python

In this tutorial you will learn: What is a Poisson Distribution? Poisson Distribution Implementation in python Visualization of Poisson Distribution Poisson Distribution The Poisson distribution is the discrete probability distribution of the number of events occurring in a given time period, the average number of times the event occurs over that time period is known. The number of experiments in

Binomial Distribution in Python

In this tutorial you will learn: What is a Binomial Distribution? Binomial Distribution Implementation in python Visualization of Binomial Distribution Binomial Distribution If the experiment can only have two outcomes in a certain situation with certain conditions and limitations, and we perform it multiple times, then the results obtained will produce a binomial distribution. For example, if we

Normal (Gaussian) Distribution with Python

In this tutorial you will learn: What is a Gaussian Distribution? Gaussian Distribution Implementation in python Gaussian Distribution Gaussian Distribution also known as normal distribution is a probability distribution that is symmetric about the mean and it depicts that that the frequency of values near the mean is greater as compared to the values away from the mean. Gaussian distributions are

Python Seaborn

In this tutorial you will learn: What is a seaborn library? Seaborn installation How we can use it to plot graphs? Seaborn library Seaborn is a library using which we can make statistical graphs in Python. Seaborn is based on library “matplotlib”, it is utilized for creating static, animated and interactive visualization but since seaborn is more latest, interactive, flexible and easier to code

Ping Pong Game Using jQuery

Ping Pong Game with Source Code is a JavaScript project that is a multi-player game where both players must rally the ball until one of them missed. The program was developed using JavaScript, CSS and HTML. The program is very challenging and very fun to play, in order to win players must hit the ball until one player failed to catch the ball. The players can navigate the log via keyboard (Player

NumPy Permutations

In this tutorial you will learn: What is Random Permutation? NumPy Permutation function NumPy Shuffle function Random Permutation Permutation is a mathematical term and permutation of a set is defined as the arrangement of its elements in an sequence or a linear order and if it is already arranged then permutation is the rearrangement of its elements in another sequence. The number of permutations

NumPy Data Distribution

In this tutorial you will learn: What is data distribution? How data distribution is carried out in Numpy? Data Distribution A data distribution is a listing that shows all the possible values within the given intervals or data limits. It also tells the number of occurrences of each element. Usually the distributed data is ordered from lowest to highest or alphabetically and chart or graphs are

NumPy Selective Random

In this tutorial you will learn: What is selective random? NumPy choice() function How to use choice() function Selective Random Selective random is a technique for random sampling in which the data set from which the sample has to be selected is dependent on the specific pre-defined values. For example if we want to randomly select the professor of certain university who can proficiently carry