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It's another open source puzzle program where the aim is to make each row in same color. You can define the level and the colors. Help is provided.

Run the "install.bat" to register the usercontrol used in this project.

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Hi Brother i play your both games i like it and want to be a game programmer in my past i design only simple database applications but after vewing your games and another complex application on this site i want to be a game programmer so i have one personal Question to you could you plz tell me the name of some books of vb game programming 6.0 who teach the game programming concept step by step... i think afcource you know so please tell me all vb game programming books name step by step " starter to expert order".

Thanks brother my good wishes are with you i wish you may reach on the top of the world, in game programming.

Akhilesh Sharma


I enjoy game programming too. But I haven't never read a book about vb programming in any area at all (including database, game, system programming...). The only programming book I read is 101QBasic when I was learning programming for the first time. I especially learn by doing (I know it's not the best approach, but at least it worked on me!). I don't really know how to learn by reading and applying some concepts found in books. I invent mine, and draw some from other open source codes.

The first step to game programming is, I think, to know first all the principles of the game you want to program. Then, you think about how you could express it in a logic way (sometimes in mathematical way). Then, you try to think how you could write it in the programming language you know (vb, c#, delphi, c++...) according to your actual potentials. Finally, you are ready to begin coding!

Hope it helps! Really sorry but I don't know about any books I can recommend you!



We have the same experience. I didn't bother buying a book when I start learning visual basic. All you need is to download some sample program and debug the source code.

I am planning to write an article on how to start from scratch without buying a book by just simply looking at the source code of other programmer.

But of course, a book, will help you if you have one specially if you are a beginner.

hi.... can u help me... pls... its important,,, its for out final... pls send me vb programs...pls...heres my emailadd... "[email protected]" tnx

hello my name is bonna can u help me to make a game using visual basic?

which kind of game do you want to make

Good job.

Very nice. Very hard to puzzle.

[...] Original post: Puzzle | Free source code - Visual Basic, .NET, ASP, Java … [...]

[...] View original here: Puzzle | Free source code - Visual Basic, .NET, ASP, Java … [...]

hey i have a problem with my subject in vb,net i need to make a game but im running out of time because of busy schedule. could you please help me in doing my game. any games will do. i need the code.. huhuhu... please help me.. it would be a big help..
thanks a lot for reading my message...

Hi This is Sachin.
I haave lots of intrests in Java programing. I want to make a carier in Java programing language. Coz today is world of internet and java is language which can used specially for Internet programing.
-Sachin Kalane

hello! you r really good...... you got a gift from god.
im a new VB user could you help me making a multiplication table using VB? im trying to do but, my time is short because of ny sched. could you help me? huhuhu its my project,,, please help me, send me at my ym. [email protected] im waiting..
more power to the admin,
im Sarah please help me

hello plz help me...
my head is twirling,,,, help me in making a multiplication table.....
send me at me ym. [email protected]

sir can anyone make me a simple puzzle game in vb6.. 3x3 puzzle .. send me response [email protected] thank you!

Hello :)
I'm an ınformation technology student.

My Project work is a puzzle.This game will be placed in the correct parts and the picture will be complete.The Correct parts to be locked in place.My Name Is i have an issue when the parts of each puzzle is a combination of different pictureboxlarda.How I do this?.Please can you help me?

Hey..b4a users :) i want to make a server in my application...i want to display the data to web.. but i don't know what requirements i need enable to do that?

Hey..b4a users :) i want to make a server in my application...i want to display the data to web.. but i don't know what requirements i need enable to do that?

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