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Patient Information System that display the data in MS Chart as a statistics. For more questions you can contact me here

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Hi, a new one...

pwede ba akong humingi ng kopiya ng sample code ng Record Management System, for my proposal system ths coming september 2018
for educational pupose... thank you and more power...

very nice information about the diving process

Is there anybody that has create a system about this, because this is our system proposal for the baby thesis... and I really really need it right now
if there are somebody who create this... please post it for educational purpose...

tama hindi kailangan ng kaxama ang isang programmer

kindly send to me the complete code of consultation in my email this is my email [email protected]

good day!i am a computer sciece student please help me to decide a title that i can present in my thesis writing most particularly in the field of medical or a polyclinic establishment or even a latest problem that exist nowadays.please help as soon as early...this coming july 10 is our defend for the approval of titles.thank you

[email protected]

hi im a student taking up information communication technology please do help me to create a system that i can present in my thesis this coming i few weeks
thank you...

please contact me:
emailadd:[email protected]

Hello Mam/Sir can I please a copy of this program? I am a student taking up Software Development and our group has decided to create a system like this but for clinics. Your help would be much appreciated =) THANK YOU [email protected]

Dear Roseann,

I am a volunteer working at a non-profit organization. We have a clinic in our premises to provide the health facility for our volunteers. I am looking for a system to maintain and access the patient information. I was not successful downloading the zip file, it seems to be empty. Please send me the code to [email protected]. Please let me know if you need further info regarding the organization in order to provide us this software.

Thank you,

sir can u please send me the code sir :))

ur so good men :)

[email protected]

I need to have Human resource Management System! will you help me sending by [email protected] for my final project Please ? thanks for your help and collaboration

A Road Map to the Future Need !!

I have used your system for my term paper in MIS course and found it helpful and thanks; and now Send me the zip for college student record system !! appreciate your help by [email protected]

hi guys i need a medical insurance system that uses sms/ussd to verify numbers via cellphone or pc interface!



Cell: +(265) 888 523 219

Email : [email protected]

This is quite a good one. It has so many things for programmers-to-be to learn from.

Hi Please I have hospital system as a project for competition among students in our campuses. Please can you send me one that I can present in one month to come? Please use my email address [email protected] if its necessary. Thanks in advance pal.

How can i move All Data from one Ms Access file to another Ms Access file. Like as one Data file name RMS_A and Another Data file name RMS_B Table name and Field name si Same.Like Field1, Field2, Field3


Can you please help me with a student medical information system please! and voting system using vb6.0

this is my email add [email protected]

thank you....

meron po kaung scheduling system for imunization and vaccination para sa pediatrics?
bka pwede po madownload?

Can you please help me with a student medical information system please!
E - Mail Me at"[email protected]"
Thank you!

i can download your program pls......


nice work

Do u have same project in java

yes mam i have same project patient information management system in java

wow galing nman... cute n brainy p... nakzzz

ikaw bayung nasa pics? wow cute na magaling pa sa program...

nice cute and productive programm,can please send me an example of adodc here's my e-mail add [email protected], co'z i'am a beginner in programming...thanks a lot,and more power

tnx for the compliment...


Nice one roseann! Thank you for sharing codes and knowledge in programming.Keep it up! Thanks

Hindi kailangan ng programmer ng kasama lalo na pag mang gugulo lng.

Web / System Developer
Contacts :
[email protected] >>> Facebook/YM
ICCT Colleges Cainta Rizal

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