Multi-column combobox in datagrid

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Here's another version of lynxgrid that I have developed. But by this time I have added a multi-column combobox.

The primary purpose of this code is to learn how to integrate combobox and other control like datepicker, checkbox, etc. in lynxgrid. You will also learn in different way on how to save using a master/detail form. How to delete record in table which was deleted in lynxgrid control.

Note: I'm using the term combobox instead of datacombo or something else which I'm actually using in this code because combobox in datagrid is most common term.

Note: Due to the size or complexity of this submission, the author has submitted it as a .zip file to shorten your download time. After downloading it, you will need a program like Winzip to decompress it.

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Good day sir, your work is wonderful. Please I am an undergraduate of Comp. Sci and also new in programing. I am having issues in a project I am developing titled 'crime profiling'. It has the following headings UserId/ Name/OffenceCommitted / Victims/ Ipo/ DateDetained / DeptCommandInvestigating /Gender/ StateOfOrigin / Lga / Tribe /Present Address /Description/ Remark/ Picture. pls can you give me with something to work on. thanks

Hi sir can you convert a codes into

I am developing an application for school purpose, and in that I want to take the attendence of the students in class wise. when we select the class the students of the particular class students are loaded into the combo box from the database.

Now I want to save the entire records in the combo box at a time, plz help by suggesting the code for this.

Thanking you,

with regards,


I 'm new to VB6. I wish to get data from Datagrid and
to save the same to my access database in VB6.
Can you help me.
If you have any code please send me.
[email protected]

Hi,I need this same control in vs 2005,Pls help me
email me at [email protected]

Hi ,

pls help me I am new in web app. I want to get data from product table to multi column combobox. (sql 2005 data). & onclick set values into diff. textboxes.


email Id [email protected]

hello ,
pl provide v.b 6.0 and backend oracle 9i project code . I have to submit urjent..

please send ctrlNSDatacombo.ocx

Thanks for your help



I am trying to create a system with combo box. The combo box is bound to a table. The data on the table is id and description. I have displayed in the combo box the description but on save I want to have the id associated with the description to be saved.

I am currently working on the tutorial on "Database Programming Made Easy". Please comeback anytime to see the progress.

hi...can you help me,how to make an automated enrollment system?
please send me a fedback as soon as possible....

tnx.............. :-)

my account in FB [email protected]



Hi can I ask how to connect data grid to mysql and what are the code pls...

MySQL works similar from other data sources.

  1. Private Sub Form_Load()
  2. Dim Customers As New ADODB.Recordset
  4. Set Customers = New ADODB.Recordset
  6. Customers.cursorlocation = AdUseClient
  7. Customers.Open "SELECT * from Customers", Con, adOpenKeyset, adLockPessimistic
  9. Set DataGrid1.DataSource = dept
  10. End Sub

You have to declare Con variable before loading the form.

sir have a good time. how's computer programming going own?
can you help me sir how to make a computer virus using visual basic 6.
my only problem on that is, how should i make my exe file automatically loads up. for example my virus file is currently save or lacated at removable media or disk. then if you connect that media to computer it should automatically loads. how should i do the code for that sir? please send me your response to my email. [email protected]

Oh my! I don't teach how to make a virus here. I have uploaded my trojan program but it is for educational purposes only.
A trojan works like a virus but is more sophistacated one. Don't create it if you have a bad intention.

Sir can you help me on my project. i don't know what is the code once i click the datagrid i want the data populated in the textbox and in adding data once i click save button i want automatically seen in datagrid.

please help...

ctrlNSDatacombo.ocx not found

Please send it to my email address or send me a link of this file.




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