Insert Null Value into Date/Time Field

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This simple project will simply insert a null value to a date/time field if the checkbox within DateTimePicker is False.

In order to determine if the Checkbox is true/false you need to use the isNull function.

  1. Private Sub CmdInsert_Click()
  2. Dim cn As New Connection
  3. Dim strSQL As String
  5. cn.Open "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=" & App.Path & "\Data.mdb;"
  7. strSQL = "INSERT INTO NOSOld (Name, Specialization, Date_of_NOS, Date_Encoded, Case_Officer, Notes, Status) " _
  8. & "VALUES ('MORENO, JOSAPED', 'HACKER', " & IIf(IsNull(DTPicker1), "Null", DTPicker1.Value) & ", " & IIf(IsNull(DTPicker2), "Null", DTPicker2.Value) & ", 'AVECILLA, PAUL VINCENT', 'ENCODED BY SEM', 'OLD')"
  10. Debug.Print strSQL
  12. cn.Execute strSQL
  14. MsgBox "Record inserted successfully...", vbInformation
  15. End Sub

I created this sample project to answer the question of shaolin at

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Thank you Sir !!! I spent lots of time to find solution for this problem and finally I found your Post. Its 100% working sir !! thanks A lot.

I'm using this kind of code in my library system. The system will skip saturday and sunday for calculating Fines.

I will get back to you as soon as I have time.

tnx sir ill post my own code if successful.. I need it also for my DTR.. GoodLuck Sir. I wait for ur answer. :)

-Cedrick Blas

sir.. i need ur help abwt. dtpicker.

If Weekday(DTPicker1.Value) = vbSunday Then
MsgBox "sun"
End If

that sample abobe used to determine if the selected date is sunday or saturday wat i want is
how can i avoid/skip recording saturday-sunday. i mean in recording that days..

I need this in my application. (Leave Slip)

i have 2 dtpicker (start and end)
I will leave from October 20 - 26 2010

dtpickerstart = 20
dtpickerEnd = 26

how can i avoid/skip 23,24? the report will be like this.
I have an idea using loop and if else but cant get it. please help.

Oct.20 - LEAVE
Oct.21 - LEAVE
Oct.22 - LEAVE
Oct.25 - LEAVE

email: [email protected]
urgent need sir. sna matulongan moko yan nlnag kulang sa thesis q :)

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